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Volunteer Handbook

Welcome Volunteer!

Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library welcomes you to an exciting new adventure. It is our hope to provide you with a solid training foundation, which includes information concerning policies, procedures, goals, mission, program responsibilities and general guidelines as they relate to your experience.

This manual has been written to answer basic questions about volunteering for Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library. We ask that you become familiar with the information presented. As a volunteer, you will be expected to function within the guidelines provided. If a situation should occur that is not addressed in the following pages, contact the Coordinator of Volunteers.

The goal of the Wolfner Library volunteer program is to have volunteers in communities throughout the state of Missouri. This will allow us to expand and enhance the services that the Library provides to the citizens of Missouri, while providing a satisfying service experience for volunteers. The volunteer's role is to assist staff and enhance services.

Volunteer positions are designed to match a volunteer's skills, interests and schedule. Opportunities exist for volunteers to learn new skills, give to the community, enjoy the appreciation of staff and clients, and meet new people.

The volunteer program seeks to:


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