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The Easy Cassette Machine

Operating Instructions

These instructions are for operating the Easy Machine in the automatic mode. Check to see that the automatic-manual switch on the righthand side near the back of the machine (labeled A-M) is set on A, automatic. Make sure the machine is plugged into an electrical outlet.

To Play a Cassette

  1. Slide the volume control all the way left to the “STOP” position.
  2. Push the sliding door back as far as possible toward the rear of the machine. This fully exposes the cassette platform.
  3. Raise the platform to the “UP” position by pressing down until you hear a “click,” then release it. The platform is in the “UP” position when the cassette spindles do not protrude through the platform.
  4. Now place the cassette on top of the platform, braille side up, with the thick edge of the cassette toward the rear. Push down on the cassette until you hear a “click.”
  5. Pull the cassette sliding door toward you until it stops. When the door is closed, it covers only half the cassette. The machine will not operate unless the door is in this position.
  6. To start tape play, slide the volume control to the right. The machine will already have rewound the tape to the beginning and the narration will start. Adjust the sound level by sliding the volume control to the right toward “HI” for more volume, or left toward “LO” for less volume.

To Stop a Cassette

There are two ways to stop the Easy Machine while the cassette is in the machine. These methods allow you to continue play at the point where you stopped.

  1. Slide the volume control all the way to the left to the “STOP” position. If you hear a tone while sliding the volume control the left, the machine is indicating you must push the volume control a bit harder to the left. The tone will cease when the control reaches the “STOP” position.
  2. Slide the cassette door open by pushing it toward the rear of the machine.

Both methods interrupt tape play. To resume play, either close the cassette door or slide the volume control to the right. If you remove the cassette and replace it later, the machine automatically rewinds the tape to the beginning. Do not remove the cassette if you want to continue from the point where you stopped.

To Change Sides of a Tape - It Is Automatic

Each cassette can play nonstop for up to 6 hours, because the machine automatically switches from one side of the tape to another without the need for setting a switch or turning the cassette over. The Easy Machine is the only one with this feature. On National Library Service (NLS) cassettes, the narrator instructs you to turn the cassette over at the end of a side. Because the tapes are recorded to play on all NLS cassette machines, you will continue to hear the narrator’s instructions to turn the cassette over or to change the side selector switch at the end of each side. Ignore these instructions with the Easy Machine.

Note: When the tape switches from one side to another, there are 30 seconds of silence before the reading begins again.

To Review a Cassette

The review key lets you relisten to passages of the tape, but only on the side that you are currently playing. If you wish to review a passage:

To Review a Cassette

About 12 seconds after narration ends on the last recorded side of a tape, you hear a long tone. Then the machine stops. To remove the cassette:

The Automatic-Manual Switch and the Side-Advance Button

The automatic-manual switch (labeled A-M) is located on the right-hand side, near the back of the machine. This switch selects whether the machine changes tape sides automatically or manually. The “S” side-advance button is next to the “A-M” switch and is labeled with a raised “S.” The proceeding operating instructions are for play when the A-M switch is set on “A,” automatic.

In the “M” manual mode, the machine beeps and tape stops at the end of a side. The machine does not advance automatically to the next side. To review that side of the tape, press the review key on the front of the machine. To go to the next side of the tape, push the “S,” side-advance button, for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, a long tone sounds until the button is released. When the button is released, a series of beeps indicates the side number that will begin play.

The “S” side-advance button can also be used to advance the tape when the machine is in the “A” automatic mode. To identify which side you are listening to during tape play, simply push in the “S” button and release it immediately; the machine indicates the tape side number by beeping that number of times.

Troubleshooting Checklist

Problem: I am having trouble inserting the cassette.
Action: Check the volume control. It must be in the “STOP” position to insert the tape. Be sure the thick edge of the cassette is toward the rear of the machine.
Problem: The cassette will not start.
Action: The cassette platform door must be closed and the volume control must be to the right in order to play a cassette. Check that the machine is plugged in and that all necessary wall switches are turned on.
Problem: What do I do when I hear the narrator’s instructions to turn the cassette over?
Action: Ignore the narrator’s instructions to turn the cassette over. The Easy Machine automatically switches sides of the tape. If a cassette is removed and reinserted later, the machine will automatically rewind the tape, and you will lose your place on the tape.
Problem: Can I stop the Easy Machine without losing my place?
Action: To stop the tape without losing your place, either slide the volume control all the way to the left to the “STOP” position or open the door, but leave the cassette in place.
Problem: I am having trouble removing the cassette.
Action: Never attempt to pry a cassette out. Cassettes cannot be removed unless the volume control is all the way to the left to the “STOP” position.
Problem: The tape starts on side two, for some reason it will not start at the beginning.
Action: The tape was probably inserted upside down. Remove the tape and insert it with the braille side up.
Problem: It sounds as though the machine is rewinding the tape, then the machine beeps and the tape continues in fast wind.
Action: Most likely, the tape is caught. This sometimes happens in high temperature, high humidity areas. Remove the cassette, shake it, reinsert it, and check to see that it plays properly.
Problem: I hear the tape end tone in the middle of a side.
Action: It is likely to be the cassette—not the machine—that is malfunctioning. The cassette may not be turning. Hold the review key down and make sure the tape is winding properly.

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