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Registering Individual Students for Service

Students using Wolfner Library service in a school setting must be certified as eligible on an individual basis and must be the direct and only recipients of the materials and equipment. Each individual student’s certification must be on file in Wolfner Library. This is a federal regulation with which Wolfner Library must comply. Once a student’s certified application is on file at the library, it is kept on file. The school does not need to repeat this procedure every year. Also, students using the materials in a school where non-eligible students or others are present must use headphones with the equipment.

The Youth Services Librarian is required to check the names on a school’s Annual Student Listing form against the library’s patron database and let the school know which students are not already certified as individuals with the library. A student must be certified before the school can order books for that student or allow that student to use Wolfner Library books and equipment.

The Application for Free Library Service: Individuals and the instructions for completing it are linked below. Follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will be returned. A professional educator may sign a student’s application as the certifying authority unless the student is applying on the basis of a reading disability. In that circumstance, the application must be signed by a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathy.

A student’s individual application must be signed by a parent also. The Youth Services Librarian will contact the parents and offer home service for the student. Books and equipment checked out under the student’s individual account will be mailed to the student’s home and are the responsibility of the student and his parents. If a parent declines the option of home service, the student may still use Wolfner Library equipment and books at school.

Please note: When a school orders books from Wolfner Library, they are checked out to the school, not the students. The library recommends that you not let students take home books loaned to the school. Under no circumstances should a student take home equipment loaned to the school. Each student can have equipment at home through his individual account.

If you have any questions, contact the Youth Services Librarian toll-free at 800-392-2614.


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