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Starting or Resuming Service for a School

Registering Your School for Service

If your school is not registered, you must complete an Application for Free Library Service: Institutions and mail it to Wolfner Library at the address on the application. When the application is received, the Youth Services Librarian will call the school to start services. Registration is a one-time procedure, and once registered, a school remains in the Wolfner Library patron database, even if years pass between periods of active use. If you are not sure if your school is registered, check here [* XLS]. New registrations are accepted throughout the year.

Resuming Service for the Current School Year

To start service for a new school year, complete the Annual Student Listing form online. After you submit the form, the Youth Services Librarian will contact the school to re-activate the school’s service.

If you have questions about the Annual Student Listing form, or need a print copy of the form mailed to you, contact the Youth Services Librarian by email or at 800-392-2614.

Registering Individual Students for Service

Students using Wolfner Library service at school must be certified as eligible on an individual basis and must be the direct and only recipients of the materials and equipment. Per federal regulations, each student must complete an Application for Free Library Service: Individuals and mail it to Wolfner Library at the address on the application. This is a one-time process, but must be done before the school can allow that student to use Wolfner materials. Each year, Wolfner staff checks the names on a school’s Annual Student Listing form against the library’s patron database and lets the school know which students are not certified to receive Wolfner services.

Upon receiving a student’s individual application, we contact the parents and offer home service for the child. Books and equipment checked out under the child’s individual account will be mailed to his or her home and are the responsibility of the child and his or her parents. If a parent declines home service, the child may still use Wolfner Library equipment and books at school.

Please note: When a school orders books from Wolfner Library, they are checked out to the school, not the students. The library recommends that you not let students take home books loaned t

Visit our online public access catalog (link) to order books, or contact the Youth Services Librarian with questions.

For information about Wolfner services for youth, visit our Youth Services page.

To learn more about Wolfner services for people with reading disabilities, visit our Facts on Reading Disabilities page.

*XLS files require Microsoft Excel. Files are saved as "Microsoft Excel 97-2000 &5.0/95 Workbook".


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