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May 2012


To order any of these titles, contact the library by email, mail or phone. You may also request these titles online through our OPAC. Identification numbers for braille books begin with BR, large print books begin with LP and audiobooks begin with DB. Happy Reading!

Preschool to Grade 2

And If the Moon Could Talk by Kate Banks.
As a little girl goes through her bedtime routine, the moon looks down on the world. Preparations for nighttime alternate between scenes from the outdoor world and inside the girl's home. Print/braille. Boston Globe-Horn Picture Book Award 1998. BR 12014.

Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour by Eve Bunting.
At midnight, Biff the dog and his young master are awakened by the "Woooooo" of the wind, and experience a series of truly frightening incidents, all of which turn out to have logical explanations. BR 7508.

Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann.
A small gorilla and his friends from the zoo are up to some bedtime antics. 2004. LP 2059.

The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson.
A soothing story about a child who reads a book before being tucked in for the night in a house full of moonlight. Print/braille. Caldecott Medal. 2008. BR 18041.

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest.
Even after a story, being tucked in, and warm milk, Sam is not ready to go to sleep until his mother kisses him good night. Illustrated by Anita Jeram. 2001. BR 51451, LP 2060.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.
Three owl babies try to stay calm while their mother is out in the night. BR 53606.

Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson.
A polar bear cub awakens to the beckoning of the moon, leaving his sleeping mother in the warm den. After exploring the night and watching a magical star shower, the little cub returns home to snuggle against his mother. Print/braille. 2004. BR 16020.

Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep by Joyce Dunbar.
When Willa cannot sleep because she is afraid of bad dreams, her big brother Willoughby reminds her of all the happy things waiting for her in the morning. 1998. BR 50856.

Wake-Up Kisses by Pamela Duncan Edwards.
Katydids, owls, opossums, and other nocturnal animal mothers and babies wake up to a bright moon and a night to be filled with activities. Illustrated by Henry Cole. Print/braille. 2002. BR 51150, LP 1323.

Where Are the Night Animals? by Mary Ann Fraser.
Read by Mitzi Friedlander. Reading time 12 minutes.
Describes the nighttime activities of various nocturnal animals including the opossum, brown bat, and tree frog. 1999. Download Where Are the Night Animals, DB 59590.

Wings across the Moon by Linda Hargrove.
A mother and her young child gaze at the sky from a meadow and observe the gradual transformation from twilight to starlight. The gentle text describes various creatures with wings that appear in the illustrations, such as moths, geese, bats, fireflies, and crickets. As starlight approaches, the boy is ready to go home to his cozy bed. BR 51520.

Kindergarten to Grade 3

Abracadabra! Magic with Mouse and Mole by Wong Herbert Yee.
Read by Erik Sandvold. Reading time 21 minutes.
Mouse and Mole arrive early for Minkus the Magnificent's magic show, but Mole is disappointed that Minkus only tricks the audience. Mouse presents a special show for her friend Mole to see the nighttime magic all around them. Four-chapter beginning reader. 2007. Download Abracadabra!, DB 66482.

Black Out!: Animals That Live in the Dark by Ginjer L. Clarke.
Interesting facts about animals we never get to see during the daytime, such as the barn owl, the blind cave fish, the vampire squid, and the trapdoor spider. All Aboard Science Reader: Station Stop 2. 2008. BR 51968.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.
Read by Kay Bergen. Reading time 2 minutes.
A little bunny already tucked into his bed says goodnight to the familiar things in his room as the light dims gently until all is dark. BR 13012, Download Goodnight Moon, DB 24603, LP 50084.

Amanda Pig and the Awful, Scary Monster by Jean Van Leeuwen.
Read by Terry Hayes Sales. Reading time 15 minutes.
Amanda Pig sees monsters at night, so her parents and brother, Oliver, keep reassuring her that there are no such things. Beginning chapter reader. 2003. Download Amanda Pig and the Awful, Scary Monster, DB 57241.

Mercy Watson Fights Crime by Kate DiCamillo.
Read by Anne Hancock. Reading time 21 minutes.
Mercy, a pig, loves buttered toast. One night her cravings lead her to the kitchen, where she finds a thief trying to steal the Watson's toaster. Beginning chapter book. 2006. Download Mercy Watson Fights Crime, DB 64121, LP 2049.

Desert Animals at Night by Lynn M. Stone.
Describes the behavior of desert animals that are active at night, including bats, owls, foxes, and toads. LP 574.

The Dream Collector by Troon Harrison.
It is the Dream Collector's job to collect the night's dreams before sunlight touches them and makes them real. But his truck has broken down. Can Zachary and the Dream Collector beat the dawn before the neighborhood is overrun with dreams? Print/braille. BR 50828.

Grades 2 to 4

The Moon by Elaine Landau.
Read by Erin Jones. Reading time 29 minutes.
Presents facts about the brightest object in the night sky--the Moon. Explains the phases of the lunar month, conditions on the Moon's surface, and the formation of the Moon. Answers questions about how astronauts survive in space and whether people could live on the Moon. 2008. Download The Moon, DB 67109.

Turtle Dreams by Marion Dane Bauer.
In this chapter book, Young Turtle's great-great-great-grandmother warns her that she must gather dreams to prepare for winter. So Turtle asks an otter, a squirrel, and a bird what they dream about and gets a different answer from each one. 1997.
BR 13125.

What You Never Knew about Beds, Bedrooms, and Pajamas by Patricia Lauber.
Read by Michele Schaeffer. Reading time unknown.
Traces the history of sleeping habits from Stone Age nights around an open fire and Egyptian, Greek, and Roman "day beds" to group sleeping arrangements of the Middle Ages and the concept of private bedrooms. Discusses mattresses, blankets, and nightclothes through the ages. 2006. Download What You Never Knew about Beds, Bedrooms, and Pajamas, DB 64613.

Grades 3 to 6

Don't Give Up the Ghost: The Delacorte Book of Original Ghost Stories by David Gale.
Read by Bob Askey. Reading time 4 hours 7 minutes.
A dozen ghost stories--ranging from horror to humor--by contemporary authors who offer a brief, first-person statement about their lives and work. Includes "Things That Go Gleep in the Night" by Walter Dean Myers; "The Face in the Rafters" by Janet Taylor Lisle; and "The Sounds of the House" by Gary Soto.
Download Don't Give Up the Ghost, DB 39092.

The Dream Stealer by Sid Fleischman.
Read by Annie Wauters. Reading time 59 minutes.
Eight-year-old Susana, a plucky Mexican girl, tries to get her dream back from the chili-pepper-eating dream Stealer. He takes her to his castle, where countless dreams and even more adventures await. 2009. Download The Dream Stealer, DB 70105.

The Moon of the Owls: The Thirteen Moons by Jean Craighead George.
Read by Celeste Lawson. Reading time 30 minutes.
The great horned owl is a magnificent bird of prey. On a cold January night in the Catskill Mountains, an owl awakens under the full moon. He stares at the six square miles of property-- forest, fields, and swamp--that he claims to be his own. Suddenly, he feels an exciting need to be on the move. It is the stirring to mate during January, the moon of beginnings. Download The Moon of the Owls, DB 38467.

The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz.
Read by J. Michael McCullough. Reading time 1 hour 53 minutes.
Flory, a tiny night fairy, loses her wings to a hungry bat when she is very young and lands in a human's garden. Unable to fly, Flory resides in a birdhouse, befriends a squirrel and a hummingbird, and adapts to daytime. Then the bat reveals a secret. 2010. BR 19068, Download The Night Fairy, DB 71190.

Poppy by Avi.
Read by Kimberly Schraf. Reading time 3 hours 19 minutes.
The deer mice know they must ask Mr. Ocax the owl for permission before they wander far from their home. Poppy's father says it is because Mr. Ocax wants to protect them against porcupines, but Poppy soon learns otherwise. While she and her boyfriend, Ragweed, are out for a forbidden night stroll, Mr. Ocax eats Ragweed. If Poppy cannot convince her father and the other mice of the danger, she must somehow protect them. BR 52007,
Download Poppy, DB 42709.

Grades 4 to 7

The Arabian Nights by Neil Philip.
Read by Barbara Rappaport. Reading time 5 hours 3 minutes.
Once there was a king who married a new bride every night and had her beheaded the next morning. When Sheherazade marries this king, she tells him such wonderful stories that he spares her life each day to hear another. Fifteen of her tales are retold here. Download The Arabian Nights, DB 47436.

Don't Go to Sleep! By R.L. Stine.
Read by Terence Aselford. Reading time 2 hours 7 minutes.
Twelve-year-old Matthew Amsterdam, a geek according to his older brother and sister, has the tiniest bedroom in their house, so there is hardly room for him, let alone his books. There is a bigger bedroom, but it is supposed to be the guest room. One night Matt decides to sleep there anyway, and when he wakes up, he is older than his brother and sister. BR 11154, Download Don't Go to Sleep, DB 45225.

Eggs by Jerry Spinelli.
Read by Martha Harmon Pardee. Reading time 3 hours 33 minutes.
Quirky thirteen-year-old Primrose moves out of her fortune-telling mother's house and into an abandoned van. Nine-year-old David mourns his mother's death and resents his grandmother and absentee father. The two fragile kids forge a combative friendship through late night adventures and escapades. 2007. BR 18054, Download Eggs, DB 65256, LP 1718.

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.
Read by June Carter. Reading time 3 hours 8 minutes.
On Halloween night, eight boys arrange to meet their friend, Pipkin, at the haunted house outside of town. Before the others reach him, though, Pipkin is grabbed by a dark Something. BR 10971, Download The Halloween Tree, DB 44005.

Night Creatures by Malcolm Penny.
Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of such nighttime animals as the warthog, leopard, and raccoon. LP 50119.

Night of the Werewolf by Franklin W. Dixon.
Read by Roy Avers. Reading time 3 hours 39 minutes.
A ferocious wolf-like creature appears in a small town during the full moon, attacking livestock and terrorizing residents. The natural suspect, a young man with a history of werewolves in his family, hires the Hardy boys to clear his name. 1979. BR 4826, Download Night of the Werewolf, DB 16722.

Grades 5 to 8

Darkness Creeping: Twenty Twisted Tales by Neal Shusterman.
Read by Kristin Allison. Reading time 6 hours 32 minutes.
A collection of scary, bizarre short stories--with some humorous touches. In "Monkeys Tonight," a twelve-year-old boy who taunts his eight-year-old sister about her nightmares of monkeys finds their shared bedroom invaded by apes. In "Growing Pains," a short boy's quickly growing best friend goes crazy. 2007. Download Darkness Creeping, DB 65794.

Dave at Night by Gail Carson Levine.
When his father dies and none of his relatives will take Dave in, he goes to live at the HHB---the Hebrew Home For Boys. To escape the cruel treatment he receives there, he sneaks out at night and discovers real friends in the cultural world of the Harlem Renaissance. 1999. LP 846.

Gossamer by Lois Lowry.
Read by Judith Ann Gantly. Reading time 3 hours 2 minutes.
A young dream-giver with a gossamer touch tries to save an eight-year-old boy whose anger at his abusive parents is made worse by a Sinisteed, an inflicter of nightmares. The dream-giver also bestows dreams on the lonely woman who provides a foster home to the boy. 2006. Download Gossamer, DB 62745, LP 1563.

Nightmare by Joan Lowery Nixon.
Emily is sent to a camp for underachievers where she discovers a murderer on the staff who might provide an explanation for her recurring nightmares. 2003. LP 1435.

Night of the Howling Dogs by Graham Salisbury.
Read by Gary Roan. Reading time 4 hours 9 minutes.
Hawaii, 1975. A Boy Scout campout on a remote beach goes terrifyingly wrong when an earthquake hits in the night. The boys and their leaders are separated during the resulting tsunami. But eighth-grader Dylan finds an unexpected ally as he and fifteen-year-old Louie rescue the group. 2007. BR 17715, Download Night of the Howling Dogs, DB 65946.

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights by Geraldine McCaughrean.
Read by Michael Russotto. Reading time 8 hours 10 minutes.
In a desert kingdom King Shahryar, accustomed to killing a new bride every day, marries the storyteller Shahrazad. Each night she tells the king about Sinbad the Sailor or Ali Baba, and he postpones her execution to hear another tale the next evening. 1982.
Download One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, DB 61096.

The 10 P.M. Question by Kate De Goldi.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 7 hours 36 minutes.
New Zealand. Twelve-year-old Frankie, a nervous hypochondriac with a best friend and a large extended family, worries a lot. His mother answers his anxiety-ridden questions each night, but Sydney, a quirky new classmate at school, helps Frankie navigate the world. 2008. Download The 10 P.M. Question, DB 72853.

Grades 6 to 9

Alice on Her Way by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
Read by Kerry Dukin. Reading time 6 hours 46 minutes.
While Alice is adjusting to her new stepmother and changes at home, she and her girlfriends manage an unchaperoned night out on a school trip to New York City. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 2005. Download Alice on Her Way, DB 62502.

Days of Magic, Nights of War by Clive Barker.
Read by Erin Jones. Reading time 12 hours 48 minutes.
Candy Quackenbush's adventures in the Abarat continue. She makes a startling realization about who she is, while the forces of the Night begin plans for war. Sequel Some strong language. 2004. Download Days of Magic, Nights of War, DB 59340.

The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh.
Read by Gabriella Cavallero. Reading time 4 hours 43 minutes.
A near-fatal accident enables ninth-grade classics student Jack Perdu to see dead people. On a trip to New York City, Jack encounters Euri, a lovely teenage ghost, in Grand Central station. She helps him navigate the underworld--where Jack hopes to find his deceased mother. Edgar Award. 2007. Download The Night Tourist, DB 69048.

One Hundred and One Questions about Sleep and Dreams That Kept You Awake Nights--until Now by Faith Hickman Brynie.
Read by Kerry Dukin. Reading time 4 hours 53 minutes.
Explains the stages of sleep during a typical night, the twenty-four-hour cycle, and the negative effects of sleep loss. Examines dreaming, sleep disorders, animals' sleep habits, and the state of sleep science. Based on questions from students. 2006. Download One Hundred and One Questions about Sleep and Dreams That Kept You Awake Nights-until Now, DB 71521.

The Secret Within by Theresa Martin Golding.
Read by Anne Hancock. Reading time 6 hours 23 minutes.
Thirteen-year-old Carly lives at the New Jersey shore where she dodges her abusive father by sneaking out at night to roam the boardwalk. When a stranger seeks to question her about mysterious packages she delivers for her father, Carly's neighbors suspect him of criminal activities and rally around to help her. 2002. Download The Secret Within, DB 57780.

Sleep and Dreams by Andrew T. McPhee.
Discusses the nature of sleep and dreams, the causes and treatments of sleep disorders, and the possible meaning of common dreams. The chapter "Toward a More Restful Sleep" offers advice on various techniques to overcome problems of falling asleep. 2001. BR 15117.

Junior and Senior High

Central Park in the Dark: More Mysteries of Urban Wildlife by Marie Winn.
Read by Mark Ashby. Reading time 9 hours 46 minutes.
A journalist's account of nighttime natural-history explorations in the thirty-seven-acre wilderness area of New York City's Central Park. Chronicles eleven years spent observing nature, insects, and animals. Describes the park's creatures and the people watching them. 2008. Download Central Park in the Dark, DB 69617.

Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance.
Famous horror story writer Ian Tremblin comes to the town of Maplewood to hold a short story writing contest, offering the five finalists the chance to spend what turns out to be a terrifying--and deadly--night with him in a haunted house. 2007. LP 1770.

Dream Spinner by Joanne Hoppe.
When Mary Barrone's widowed father remarries, the new family moves into an old Victorian house. For a high school project, Mary decides to experiment with lucid dreaming--willing herself to fly in her dreams. She succeeds, and night after night finds herself flying around her house but during an earlier time in history. She becomes involved with former residents of the house and tries to alter history. BR 10489.

Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox.
Read by Mary Kane. Reading time 10 hours 23 minutes.
1906. Fifteen-year-old Laura Hame and her cousin Rose come from a family of dreamhunters--people who enter the place of dreams and relay them to others. After Laura's father disappears, Laura searches the magical world for him, experiences nightmares, and encounters a monster. 2005. Download Dreamhunter, DB 66693, LP 1772.

The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld.
Read by Mary Kane. Reading time 6 hours 55 minutes.
Upon moving to Bixby, Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old Jessica Day learns that she is one of a group of people who have special abilities that help them fight ancient creatures living in an hour hidden at midnight. These creatures seem determined to destroy Jess. 2004. Download The Secret Hour, DB 60848, LP 1898.

Senior High

Beastly by Alex Flinn.
Read by Chris Patton. Reading time 6 hours 43 minutes.
New York City. A humiliated witch casts a spell on popular Kyle Kingsbury and transforms him into a beast. Banished from his home, Kyle prowls at night, waiting for true love's kiss to break his curse. Some strong language. 2007. Download Beastly, DB 71582.

Heaven Cent: Xanth by Piers Anthony.
Read by Bruce Huntey. Reading time 10 hours 23 minutes.
Xanth is a magic realm where bad dreams are directed by the Night Stallion and carried by Night mares, and where Gorgons stare at milk to make Gorgonzola cheese. Prince Dolph, age nine, bedeviled by his older sister, bossy fourteen-year-old Ivy, sets off on a quest to find the missing Good Magician Humfrey. Eleventh book of the Xanth series. Download Heaven Cent: Xanth, DB 30213.

How I Spent My Last Night on Earth by Todd Strasser.
Read by Kimberly Schraf. Reading time 4 hours 12 minutes.
Senior Allegra ("Legs") arrives to find her high school in commotion: an announcement on the Internet says the earth will be struck by an asteroid tonight! As the excitement mounts, surfer Andros Bliss--the guy Legs fantasizes about--notices her. She decides to spend her last hours with him. Download How I Spent My Last Night on Earth, DB 48068, LP 944.

Marked by P.C. Cast.
Read by Mary Kane. Reading time 8 hours 54 minutes.
Zoey is struggling in high school when she is marked by a Tracker to become a vampire. Zoey's Grandma Redbird enrolls her in another school, the House of Night, where Zoey learns new rules and uncovers a sinister plot. Strong language. 2007. BR 18461,
Download Marked, DB 68149.

Wake by Lisa McMann.
Read by Mary Kane. Reading time 3 hours, 57 minutes.
Whenever people fall asleep around her, seventeen-year-old Janie Hannagan is sucked into their dreams as an unwilling bystander. But after she slips into a violent dream alone in her car, Janie realizes she needs to control her paranormal ability. Some violence and some strong language. 2008. Download Wake, DB 69614.

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