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November 2010

To order any of these titles, contact the library by email, mail or phone. You may also request these titles online through our OPAC. All books listed are linked to Braille and Audio Reading Download site (BARD) for downloading. Happy Reading!

The Alamosa Trail: A Ralph Compton Novel; Trail Drive Series, Book 15 by Robert Vaughan.
Read by Jim Zeiger. Reading time 5 hours 41 minutes.
Unemployed after a deadly blizzard, the wranglers of Trailback Ranch accept infamous gunslinger Clay Allison's job offer: herd some horses from Mexico to Colorado. Trouble waits in Mexico, where the Federales mistake the cowboys for kidnappers. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 2002. Download The Alamosa Trail: A Ralph Compton Novel; Trail Drive Series, Book 15, DB60500

All the Pretty Horses: The Border Trilogy, Volume 1 by Cormac McCarthy.
Read by David Hartley-Margolin. Reading time 10 hours 3 minutes.
Texas 1949. John Grady Cole, sixteen, is on the threshold of adulthood when his world turns upside down. His grandfather has died, and his mother has no desire to keep the 18,000-acre ranch, which is the only home and way of life John knows. With a friend he sets out for Mexico and finds work on another ranch. But John falls for the owner's daughter and finds himself in jail. Strong language and violence. Bestseller.  Download All the Pretty Horses: The Border Trilogy, Volume 1, DB34043

Anything for Billy by Larry McMurtry. 
Read by Bob Askey. Reading time 8 hours 43 minutes.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist deals with an American Western myth as he draws upon the facts and legends surrounding Billy the Kid. Ben Sippy, the narrator, moves from his uppercrust Philadelphia home to seeks adventure in the Southwest. After bungling his first train robbery, Ben teams up with Billy and his cowboy sidekick and witnesses Billy's change from a novice outlaw to a wanton killer. Bestseller. Download Anything for Billy, DB28026

Bad Night at Dry Creek by Cameron Judd.
Read by Jim Zeiger. Reading time 5 hours 46 minutes.
Colorado. Outlaw Noah Murphy believes Dry Creek sheriff Charley Hanna knows the location of a hoard of stolen bank money. When Charley says he doesn't know where the money is, Noah and his brothers threaten to attack the entire town. 1981. Download Bad Night at Dry Creek, DB66961

The Big Country by Donald Hamilton.
Read by Ray Childs. Reading time 6 hours 37 minutes.
Baltimore sea captain James McKay travels to Texas to reunite with his bride-to-be and purchase a ranch offered by Miss Julie Maragon. Julie's neighbors, however, have other plans for the property. They aren't afraid to start trouble with a greenhorn, so McKay is forced to prove himself. 1957. Download The Big Country, DB57772

Bitterroot: Skye's West by Richard S. Wheeler.
Read by David Hartley-Margolin. Reading time 11 hours 45 minutes.
In 1853, eager to earn good money, Barnaby Skye agrees--against his better judgment--to guide a pacifist Quaker family into hostile Blackfeet territory. The challenge proves greater than anticipated. Some strong language. 1991. Download Bitterroot: Skye's West, DB56989

Blackie and Red by Max Brand.
Read by Buck Schirner. Reading time 6 hours 59 minutes.
Ten-year-olds Blackie and Red constantly fight in their orphanage but also run away together. Prospector Andy Connell finds the two boys and takes them in. Over the years the pair grows up, and Andy finally strikes it rich--but one of his wards gets greedy. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 1924. Download Blackie and Red, DB69328

The Bozeman Trail: A Ralph Compton Novel; Trail Drive Series, Book 16 by Robert Vaughan.
Read by Jim Zeiger. Reading time 6 hours 11 minutes.
1860s. During the Civil War, a motley group of young people plan a cattle drive from Texas to Dakota. Among them are James Cason; Duke Faglier, seeking to avenge his family's murder; and the Scattergood brood of four brothers and a sister, all suspected cattle thieves. Some violence. 2002. Download The Bozeman Trail: A Ralph Compton Novel; Trail Drive Series, Book 16, DB61148

The Branch and the Scaffold: A Novel of Judge Parker by Loren D. Estleman.
Read by John Polk. Reading time 7 hours 54 minutes
A novel based on the life of frontier judge Isaac Parker (1838-1896). Depicts Parker's crusade to rid his territory of outlaws such as Ned Christie and Bill Doolin. But Parker's penchant for using the gallows takes a toll on his health and family and earns him enemies. Some violence. 2009. Download The Branch and the Scaffold: A Novel of Judge Parker, DB70328

Buffalo Wagons by Elmer Kelton.
Read by Roy Avers. Reading time 6 hours 1 minute.
1873. The plains are almost devoid of buffalo. Only one large herd remains, but it is in Comanche territory. Gage Jameson joins a group of skinners desperate enough to venture into the hostile land and risk their lives. Download Devil Wire, DB42427.

Champion with a Gun: The Gunsmith by J.R. Roberts.
Read by J. P. Linton. Reading time 3 hours 27 minutes.
When Clint Adams sprains his ankle on the trail, he rides to a nearby settlement for help. He is greeted by men with guns who think Adams is working for Dave Peck, a wealthy lumberman who has been trying to run them off the land. When they learn that Adams is the renowned Gunsmith, the settlers decide to enlist him on their side. Strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex. Download Champion with a Gun: The Gunsmith, DB42409

Cloudy in the West by Elmer Kelton.
Read by Chuck Benson. Reading time 8 hours 37 minutes.
East Texas, 1885. Twelve-year-old Joey Shipman is orphaned. Although he inherited his father's ranch, he is forced to flee when his stepmother and her new husband try to kill him. Joey searches for his drunken cousin Beau in west Texas, but the two are soon on the run after a deadly encounter with Joey's stepfather. Download Cloudy in the West, DB46448.

Deadly Pursuit by T.V. Olsen.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 5 hours 57 minutes.
Wyoming. Aging trapper Silas Pine rides into Grafton in a last attempt to reconcile with his estranged son, Noah, the town marshal. Silas, who arrives in the middle of a bank robbery, finds himself a member of a posse led by Noah--not exactly the reunion he planned. Some violence. 1995. Download Deadly Pursuit, DB70298

Devil Wire by Cameron Judd.
Read by Jim Zeiger. Reading time 7 hours 25 minutes.
As the West is being settled, barbed wire is changing the way lands are used, a situation that riles lots of folks. Jim Hartford arrives in Montana to start afresh as a rancher but quickly finds himself embroiled in the bloody battle over "the devil wire." His future and everything he and his brother have worked for are at stake in this wild land. Some violence. Download Devil Wire, DB42427

Drifter by Karl Lassite.
Read by Patrick Downer. Reading time 5 hours 5 minutes.
John Allen, a young drifter who has worked as a gunsmith, blacksmith, and miner, wants to be a cowboy. He heads to Wyoming, hires on at a struggling spread, and becomes embroiled in a range war. But nothing can scare John away from his dream--or his chance at love. 2009. Download Drifter, DB69486

False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine by Stephen Bly.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 5 hours 41 minutes.
Gunmen fire at Stuart Brannon and Englishman Edwin Fletcher while they are expecting their tardy partner Everett Davis, who's been filing claim on the gold mine they've discovered. Now Brannon learns first-hand about the greed and violence that accompanies gold prospecting. 1992. Download False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine, DB56743

Hellfire Canyon by Max McCoy.
Read by Erik Synnestvedt. Reading time 5 hours 12 minutes.
Missouri. Female reporter Frankie Donovan interviews Jacob Gamble, an old man known as the outlaw fiddler, who as a boy knew the notorious murderer Alf Bolin. Gamble recounts a tale of being forced by circumstances to join Bolin's gang--but he may not be telling the complete truth. Violence. 2007. Download Hellfire Canyon, DB68047

Judgment at Gold Butte by Terrell L. Bowers.
Read by Jon Huffman. Reading time 6 hours 16 minutes
Professional poker player Joe Bratt flees Pueblo, Colorado, after killing the mayor's son in self-defense. Running from hired guns, he meets Raylene Stanfield, who convinces him to impersonate her late father, a judge in Gold Butte. Joe tries to enforce justice until his past resurfaces. 2008. Download Judgment at Gold Butte, DB69716

Rangers of El Paso: A Western Duo by Lauran Paine.
Read by Andy Pyle. Reading time 9 hours 14 minutes.
 In the title story, former Texas Ranger Cleve Hampshire goes undercover along the U.S.-Mexican border to stop livestock rustlers. In "Fighting Marshal," gunfighter Cole Travis meets Barbara Stuart, who seeks vengeance upon Bart Hayden, the man who killed her father. But Cole finds him first. 2009. Download Rangers of El Paso: A Western Duo, DB70037 

Rio Chama: A Western Story by Johnny D. Boggs.
Read by Mark Delgado. Reading time 6 hours 33 minutes.
New Mexico, 1890s. Jeremiah Cole, a senator's son, receives the death penalty for killing a priest, but people fear he'll be rescued by his father's men before he reaches the gallows. For mysterious reasons, gunfighter and gambler Britton Wade vows to deliver Cole to his execution. Some violence. 2009. Download Rio Chama: A Western Story, DB70905.

The Rocky Mountain Company: The Rocky Mountain Company, Book 1 by Richard S. Wheeler.
Read by John Polk. Reading time 13 hours 26 minutes
1841. Businessman Guy Straus and his partners, frontiersman Brokenleg Fitzhugh and fur trader Jamie Dance, form the Rocky Mountain Trading Company and head west with their wives to open a trading post. But they face many obstacles, including deceptive Indians, murderous rivals, and a lone gunman bent on revenge. 1991. Download The Rocky Mountain Company: The Rocky Mountain Company, Book 1, DB67805

Thunder of Eagles by William W. Johnstone.
Read by Jack Fox. Reading time 6 hours 33 minutes.
Colorado. Wade Garrison wants to build a railroad connecting Higbee to La Junta, but faces opposition from rancher Ike Clinton and his hired guns. Wade calls on Falcon MacCallister to diffuse the situation before construction stops. Sequel to Crusade of Eagles (RC 69220). Some violence and some strong language. 2008. Download Thunder of Eagles, DB69757 

Tears of the Heart by Lauran Paine.
Read by Robert Sams. Reading time 6 hours 37 minutes.
Twenty-year-old Toby, falsely charged with stealing horses, spends two years in jail. Once released, Toby heads to New Mexico to work at Rancho Trinitaria, where a deadly confrontation with a former prison guard threatens Toby's newfound liberty. Toby fights for his freedom, with the help of friends. Some violence. 1995. Download Tears of the Heart, DB70446

A Tale out of Luck by Willie Nelson.
Read by Roy Avers. Reading time 8 hours 30 minutes.
A cattle rustler's murder stirs up the past for retired Texas Ranger Hank Tomlinson, who runs the Broken Arrow ranch and founded the local frontier town of Luck, Texas. The investigation involves Comanche Indians, Hank's son Jay Blue, and Flora Barlow, a tavern owner who enjoys detective work. 2008. Download A Tale out of Luck, DB68372

Wrath of the Mountain Man by William W. Johnstone.
Read by Michael Scherer. Reading time 8 hours 15minutes.
When Smoke Jensen's ranch hand Pearlie is bitten by a rattler, Smoke takes him to a doctor in a town ruled by corrupt sheriff Buck Tolliver, who unbeknownst to Smoke holds a grudge against the gunslinger. Buck frames Pearlie for murder to trap Smoke. Violence and some strong language. 2004. Download Wrath of the Mountain Man, DB62340

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