About Missouri Investor Protection Center (MIPC)

With nearly 6 million Missourians all impacted in some manner by investments and retirement savings, the Securities Division's Investor Education staff works throughout the state to make Missourians safe, wise and informed investors.

The Missouri Securities Division works diligently to create and promote investor education initiatives designed to educate and assist both current and future investors. The Division advances educational programs for all Missouri investors, especially those ages 50 and older. The Securities Division recognizes the growing need for the dedication of resources to protect Missouri seniors and their investments. Senior investment fraud is recognized nationwide as a top threat to investors and protection of senior investors is critical to the social and financial well-being and future of Missouri.

Almost all Missourians are impacted in some manner by investing and savings, and the Missouri Securities Division is charged with protecting those investors by enforcing the laws regulating the offer and sale of securities and investments. Community and citizen involvement in these investor protection efforts can be a critical factor to their success.

The Missouri Securities Division provides the tools that can help you become an informed investor and protect your hard-earned money.

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