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Long Term Winter 2013 Grant Opportunities

Due February 1, 2013

Instructions for completing the grant application are available at LSTA Grant Application GuidelinesPDF file

Strengthening Services for Lifelong Learning

Spotlight on Literacy

This grant program offers Missouri public libraries, academic libraries, and secondary or post-secondary school libraries the opportunity to serve patrons of all ages through programs that support an educated and informed citizenry. Programs may encourage reading, language skills development, academic improvement including GED instruction, job skills development, computer skills development and health skills development. Collaborative efforts to better serve low-literacy populations are strongly encouraged.

Spotlight on Literacy Grant Application  DOC file

Strengthening Services through Technology

Digital Imaging

These grants provide funding for scanning, cataloging and Web delivery of significant historical and cultural materials in Missouri and in Missouri history. Grants are restricted to projects involving original source materials. Priorities include institutions doing their first project; demonstration projects that document best practices; and institutions adding metadata to existing digital collections. A Letter of Intent PDF file is required.

Digital Imaging Grant Application DOC file

Technology Ladder

Open to qualified public libraries needing financial assistance for technology and automation system-related equipment and software.  Specifically, this application is designed to help libraries move up the technology ladder to a higher level of service. Projects may be intricate in nature and/or require a longer timeframe to provide solid evaluation measures.

Technology Ladder Grant Application DOC file

Website Makeover

Open to public libraries to develop or redesign a website for more effective service delivery. Sites are required to be ADA compliant, contain a translation link, and link to state resources. Libraries are required to plan maintenance and upgrades for sustainability.

Website Makeover Grant Application DOC file

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