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Grant Program

Missouri Five-Year State Plan
For the Use of
Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Funds

Fiscal Years 2008 - 2017


  1. A public library is a library established and maintained under the provisions of the library laws or other laws of the state related to libraries, primarily supported by public funds and designed to serve the general public.

  2. A public elementary school or secondary school library is a library controlled and operated by publicly supported elementary or secondary schools, and designated to serve faculty and students of that school.

  3. An academic library is a library which is controlled and operated by a two (2) or four (4) year college or university, either publicly supported or private, and which is designated primarily to serve faculty and students of that college or university.

  4. A special library is a library established by an organization and designed to serve the special needs of its employees or clientele. A special library must have an appropriately trained librarian, an organized collection, a minimum of 20 hours of service per week, with some opportunity allowed for service to the public or a strong commitment to resource sharing. They include both private libraries and publicly funded libraries, such as those serving mental health facilities, correctional institutions, and government agencies.

  5. A library consortium is any local, statewide, regional, interstate, or international cooperative association of library entities which provides for the systematic and effective coordination of the resources of school, public, academic, and special libraries and information centers, for improved services for the clientele of such library entities.

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