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Help America Vote Act
Missouri's State Plan

The United States Congress passed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), which President Bush signed into law on October 29, 2002. Passed as a result of the problems that occurred in the November, 2000 Presidential Election, HAVA requires the states to reform and improve their election processes and systems. To assist the states in meeting the many mandates of HAVA, significant federal funding is provided.

Missouri can take pride in the fact that we enacted substantial reform – ahead of the federal government and many other states, but more remains to be done. Our election process merits continued improvement. In order to qualify for federal funds, HAVA requires Missouri to complete a "State Plan" that acts as a blueprint for how the State will use the funds to accomplish the election improvements required by HAVA. To this end, a State Plan Committee comprised of 59 members was appointed to assist in developing the State Plan. Missouri's State Plan Committee is one of the most diverse and inclusive in the country, made up of local elections officials and representatives of disability advocacy groups, political parties, minority groups, educators, business groups, and other interested stakeholders. The State Plan Committee held five public hearings throughout Missouri where everyone was invited to provide testimony and information. Five open meetings also were held to develop the State Plan Committee's recommendations. This open and public process has resulted in valuable input from a variety of sources. The Preliminary State Plan truly reflects a broad, bipartisan effort.


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