Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Witness Jeremiah Myers ]
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a considerable number of sheep and Cattles he further Said

that it looked to him sometimes that it was not right to take

plunder but that it was according to Jos Smith Jr directions

and that was the reason why he did it. the next morning I Saw

a considerable number of Sheep on the Square in far West near

about 100. I then left far west and returned home in the east part of

Caldwell county having been Summoned to far west by Militia

captain but performed no military duty while there and

further this deponent Saith not  Allen Rathburn


Jeremiah Myers a witness produced sworn and exa

=mined deposeth and saith I was in the last expedition

to Daviess being Summoned from my home in the east part

of Caldwell county by my militia officer to go to far West

where I was told we had to March to Daviess and did

so.  I think it was the third day after our arrival at

Diahmon that Capt fearnots company of about 100

men started out and not until we got near to Gallatin did

I learn where they were going I was then told there was

a mob at Gallatin and that we were going to disperes

them when within about 1/2 mile of Gallatin we formed

And rushed into town in a hurrah I only Saw 2 men

who were running Others Said there were about 15 we

gathered up around the Store and Some went in holloring

bring them out here supposing there were men in the house

about this time myself and another man returned to camp at

Diahmon that evening I saw Store goods at the Bishop’s Store

and was informed by Mahlon Johnson One of the Company

to Gallatin that the goods taken from the Store in Gallatin

were the goods I saw deposited in the bishops Store, they

were Called and Considered Consecrated (goods) or property

and that they were to be dealt out by the bishop to those

that Stood in need, I saw parties Coming, in and going out

while in Camp but  Saw no property Come into our Camp

but I saw a pen of Cattle which was Called Buffalo

the following of the defendants were in the last expedition

to Daviess, Jos Smith Jr. Lyman Wights who resides

in Diahmon Washington Voorhees I never Saw

Lyman Wight in Command during this Expedition my

camp was half a mile from Wight and I staid pretty constantly

about my own camp.  I do not recollect that I was in any

other expedition than the one to Gallatin Ebenozer Page

Was in the last expedition to Daviess, Francis Higbee was

there  Cane Carn was there  James [ ] Caulins was there

Maurice Phelps I think was there there was some property brought

into Diahmon by the Mormons  as their own this was not de

=posited with the bishop but they took it themselves and further

this deponent saith not  Jeremiah Myers