Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Witness Thomas M. Odle - Resident of the house of John Raglin ]
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was present and followed Mr Rigdon after he also made the

above declaration and said he did not wish to do any thing un

=lawful. he then spoke of the fate of Judas & said that Peter had

hung him (Judas) & said that he approved of Mr Rigdons

Sermon & called it a good sermon and further this de

=ponent saith not        Reed Peck

James C Owens a witness who was produced on a

former day and [ ] been called back to the bar again

further deposeth and Saith.  He does not think Wil

=liam Whitman was in the Danit expedition to Daviess, I think

he was left at far west as Captain of the town guard though

he may have been in Daviess for aught I Know and further

this deponent saith not   James C Owens

   William Splaun a witness produced sworn and

examined on behalf the State deposeth and saith I was

at Eli Bagleys in Daviess county when an armed company

of men about 1000/2 in numbers James H Raulins and

Jesse D Hunter two of the defendants were of the company

they came to Bagleys they enquired who I was and if I was a

mob character and learning I was not they let me alone

they inquired for John Raglin and Said they heard he was a mob

character and had gone for men to fight them and if they got

their eyes on him they would take his life & that he had better

keep out of the way to be positive that Hunter was of the

company I will not but I have little or no doubt of it from his ap

-perance this was on Saturday after I learned that Gallatin

was burned the Thursday before and during the time the mormon

troops were in Daviess county and further this deponent saith not

                                                                                William Splaion

Thomas M Odell  a witness produced sworn and examined

on behalf the State deposeth and Saith, that on the Saturday after

Gallatin was burnt and armed company of 12 men rode up to Mr

Raglins house in Daviess County where I resided, they inquir

=red for John Raglin I told them where he had gone, they said

their object was to drive the mob from the county and said that

I must go. I replied I could not. that I had no way to get off

and that my family in is bare footed they replied that made

no difference I must go, and said if I was not gone by next

morning by sunrise they would take my life, they told

Mrs Raglin she must [ ] that there she could not stay

and that Raglin had better never show himself there that they

would take his life if ever they set their eyes on him next


morning by the assistance of friends we did start leaving most of our

property there, Since then I have returned and found the

houses burnt &  the property gone consisting of hous hold

plunder and 2 q bee gums  they enquired for Gums and got

down one and took it away from the house belonging to

one Josiah Littlefield they further said that they had been driven

as long as they were a going to. that they had got Strong enough

now to defend themselves that they intended to do it by the Sword

that they were at the defiance of any Set of men who could come a

=gainst them & that they now intended to make it a war of extermi

=nation, the following of the defendants were in the above Company

Voit.  James H. Rattens  Jesse D Hunter  Darwin Chase & I

think from his appearance Maurice Phelps was there but may

be mistaken, Hunter appeared to be Captain or Commander of

the Company as he did the most of the talking. but most all of

them had something to Say and further this deponent saith not


Thos M x Odle


John Raglin a witness produced sworn and examined on behalf

the State deposeth and saith I was in Gallatin when the Mormons made

an attack on it which took place on one thursday in October. All the

persons that were there left the town.  Another Mormons, as I believe them

to be to the number of about 150 or 200 all armed took posses-

=sion of the town and the Store and other houses were burnt as I

learned that evening and further this deponent saith not


                                                                John   X    Raglin


Allen Rathburn a witness produced sworn and examined

on behalf of the State deposeth and Saith, On the day before

the battle with Bogard I was I was in far West and early in the morn

=ing Daniel Carn One of the defendants here asked me to

help him to grease his waggon I did so and asked him where

he was going he said he was going out to Mr Raglins in

Daviss County that there were about 40 bee Stands there they

were going for directly afterwards I was down at Morrisons

Store in far west there was a Company of 10 or 12 men with 2

or 3 waggons I heard Mr Huntingdon ask for brimstone some

of the Company said they had 2 pounds Huntingdon answered that would

do, Mr Hunter one of the defendants here, gave the word of com

mand and they marched off Mr Daniel Carn with his Waggon

with them late that evening I saw Danl Carn [“with” crossed out] his waggon

at his grocery door in far west I saw Carn and Huntingdon unload

=ing & the waggon was loaded with one bee gum and houshold

plunder consisting of beds or bed cloaths Kindes tied up  Also

there were onions in the waggon Mr Carn’s that evening

remarked that there would be in that night