Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Witness Wyatt Cravens, a member of Bogarts Volunteers. He was captured by Mormons after Crooked Creek. ]
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Wiatt Cravens a witness, produced sworn & examined

for the State deposeth and saith  He was one in

Capt Bogart’s company, and was present in the fight with

the Mormons the 25th Oct last, about day break in

Ray cty-  Parley P Pratt and Capt Patton, appeared

in command of the company that made (“the” crossed out] an attack

upon us_  We were lying in camp when we heard

 them coming.  We got up and prepared for battle.

The mormons came in about 60 yards of us, and formed

the line of battle, they approached in a body number

-ing as near as I could guess about 150. armed with

guns, sword & pistols to within about 40 yards of

us, when the firing commenced by both parties

about the same time, I can’t say which side

fired first_  I was taken prisoner by the mor

mons_ I saw Jos Smith Jr come to the Mormons

at a house in log creek timber a few miles from

the battle ground.  The wounded were taken out

of the waggon then, and we started on towards, Far

West- J Smith Jr passed on by me to the head of

the company, where Pratt & Wight halted the

company, he Pratt & 4 others rode off a piece

& confered together, & then returned to the company_

- & called out some captain, and ordered him to

call out 10 of his braves- 7 men came out, and I

was placed under their guard, & told by Wight that

they would escort me off & let me go about my busi

-ness- We started back, and after getting near a

field, the Capt of the guard and one other rode off ahead

saying they saw [“a man” crossed out] some one- Shortly after the

Capt returned alone.  The declared (“they would” crossed out] I should be guard

[“me” crossed out]-ed no further, and pointed out the path I should

take, which led around the fence .  I then thought

the man who had not returned had been placed round

the fence to Kill me, but I was determined to

do the best I could to make my escape.  In passing

on I discovered my direction would lead me to where I

thought the man was placed, and I took off to the

right, and immediately I was ordered to stop by

some person, whom I recognized to be the man

of the guard, who left with the Capt of the guard &


did not return, I fled & turned my head to

look & saw the man with his gun in a shooting

position & shortly after, while running I was shot

by him, & I made my way to Ray Cty.  Parley P

Pratt was in the battle_ Moses Rawlans one of

Capt. Bogarts men, & several of the mormons

was Killed in that battle, 5 of Bogarts company

including myself were wounded, and further

this deponent saith not_ C Wiatt Cravens

Maurice Phelps a witness produced Sworn and exe

amined for the State deposeth and Saith, that Parley, that Parley P

Pratt was in the Battle with Bogart, Darwin Chase

was one of the expedition but not in the battle Lyman Gibbs

was in the battle thinks Benjamin Jones was in the Battle

a Norman Shearer was also & wounded.  I was Called

upon by Charles C Rich to go down to Crooked River

to help releeve some Mormons prisoners who it was

said had been taken by a mob.  I first refused to go but

being threatened with force I consented to go we proceeded

to McDaniels field in Ray Cony. where we were comnond

ed to hitch our horses and we proceeded down to where

Capt Bogart was encamped myself in the extreme

rear the fight was brought on but I was not in it

On our return from the battle ground near log creek

timber in Caldwell Cony. we met Jos. Smith Jr Lyman

Wight & others who went to the wounded and pronounced blessings

on them & prayed for them to be healed & saved, when we started

from McDaniel field fences the only command given that I

heard was boys follow me given by commander by. I

have been in two daniete meetings the first I did not make

any exception to, & in the Second the following exception

=able was inculcated. “that we should take spoil or plun

=”der in some cases ”but it was Objected to and I have never

attended a danite meeting Since, the day before the mor

mons, went to Adam on diahmon  J. Smith Jr in an address

told an anecdote of a Dutchman who had been applead

to by a Capt to purchase Potatoes. & Rigdon in speaking

of dissenters who were unwilling  to fight mobs.  Said

that they ought to be pitched upon their horses with

pitchforks & Bayonets And forced into the front of the

battle & their property confiscated to the use of the army

the anecdote spoken of above about the dutchman was

told by Smith after Rigdon address and without any