Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Witness Captain Samuel Bogart, Commander of the Volunteer Unit against Mormons ]
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Wyatt Cravens a witness produced sworn and exca

=mined for the State deposeth  & saith he was one in

Capt Bogard’s Company and was present at the fights

with the mormons on the 25th day of October last about

day break in Clay county, Parley P Pratt and Capt Patton ap

peared in Command of the company that made the attack

upon us, we were lying in Camp when we head them

coming we got up and prepared for Battle , the Mormon

came n about 60 yards of us & formed the line of battle

they then approached in a body numbering as near as

I can guess to about 150 armed with guns swords &

pistols to about 40 yards when the firing commenced

by both parties                  See next page

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Nehemiah Odell Sent. A witness produced sworn

and examined for the State deposeth and saith that he

was in the Battle between Capt Bogard and the Mor-

-mons on the 25th of October last says Parley P Pratt was

in the battle Commanding part of the Mormon forces on

that occasion.  The offices who gave the Command to the

Mormons, after some Kind of religious ceremony to

about this amount “In the name of Lazarus God &

the Lamb “ fire Danites” and after firing twice they char

=ged, but which party fired first I don’t recollect and

further this deponent saith not  Nehemiah Odell

Captain Samuel Bogart a witness produced

sworn and examined for the State deposeth and

saith, that on the evening of the 24th Octs last while

ranging under the Orders of Genl Atcheson as is

below inserted I met with several Mormons &

read it to them supposing they would inform

the Mormons of Caldwell the characters of my com

=pany.  We had been informed on that evening by citizens

of Ray that we were in Danger of being attacked by the Mor-

=mons that night, whereupon I fell back to an encamp

ment on Crooked River in Ray county.  On the next morning

near day break my picket guard gave information that

they were coming and in a few moments I saw the

Mormon forces forming  and a few guns were fired

out of the brush by the Mormons, when the fight

commenced the left wing of the Mormon forces were with


in about 30 steps of my sight. and in numbers were

about 150 or 200 as I supposed and further this depo

nent saith not     Samel. Bogart

The Order under which Capt Bogart was ranging

the north part of Ray county when attacked by the Mor

=mons was produced and read in court as evidence

And is as follows     Liberty Octr 23 1838

            Head Quarters  3rd Division M. M.

Capt S Bogart Sir  Your Communication

by express has been received You are hereby ordered

to range the line between Caldwell and Ray Counties

with your Company of volunteers and prevent

if possible any invasion of Ray county by any

persons in arms whatever: You will also take care

to  enquire into the state of things in Daviss county &

make report thereof to me from time to time I

will endeavour to be with you in a few days time

           signed    David R. Atcheson

                         Major Genl 3rd Div M.M.