Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from Senator Daniel Ashby (Tenth Senatorial District), Jefferson City, MO to General John B. Clark, 1st Division of Missouri Militia ]
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                                                Senate Chamber Nov 28th 1838

Dear Sir

                        In answer to your note

of this morning requesting me to

give you such information as was

in my knowledge relative to the

Battle fought on the 30th October at

the Mills on Shole Creek between

the Citizens and Mormons

I will state that the Company

I belonged to was stationed in the

rear as a reserve at a distance of about

40 yards= of the line of battle as soon

as the line of battle was formed

and before all the troop in the

line had dismounted the fire com—

menced (by the Mormons as I was

told by those in front) the po-

sition I occupied prevented me from

seeing the commencement as soon

as the [“fring” crossed out] firing commenced

the company I belonged to dismounted

and run in the line in front

when I got sight of the position

of the Mormons they were all in the

house or under the bank of the

Creek and the smoke of their guns

from both places appeared to me

to be continual our men took

a few fires at a crack in the

House when I heard the order to

charge the house which order was

promptly obeyed the men run to the

House as we approached it I saw

one man have out his gun in front

of me I steped to one side & [“that” crossed out] the man

in front of me squatted down

and pitched under the mzzle  lay

still until the gun fired he then

rose and as the Mormon drew back

his gun our man shoved his gun

in the House & fired by this time

our man got possession of all the port

holes cracks &c and Kept up such a

constant fire that the Mormons could

not get their guns out to shoot  They

[“they” erased] then brake out of the house

and run [“for” erased] towards the creek but

many fell in their flight about

that time I heard the cry of [“fire” crossed out]

quarters among our own [“persons” erased]

men  I recollect distinctly of hearing

one of our men say (they called for

Quarters)   I then Hollowed Quarters

Quarters as loud as I could which was

reecoed by all around me the fireing

then ceased on our parts at which

time a volley came from the creek

I then thought they had [word erased] heard

us calling for Quarters and

thought we were whiped  the fireing

then renewed on our part and continued as long as there was

any Mormon in sight except the

wounded after the battle was near

a close I saw some of the Mormons that

had reached the top of the hill south of

the creek about 300 yards from us

stoped turn round and shot back

at us and then run on after the

battle [“was” crossed out] had subsided  I saw some

of our men carry one wounded man

into a house and laid him on a bed

The men in counting the dead

found one man in the house not

hurt who had fallen down

in the early part of the action

and was covered with the slain

I saw him and talked with him

the moment he was taken prison

er   Those who counted the dead

said 31 was killed of the Mormons

and seven of our men was

wounded we then got a waggon

and horses and such of our

wounded as was unable to ride

was put in the waggon  and

we left the place The above

is an [“oct” crossed out] outline of that

affair as my recollection

serves me         Your Respectfully

Genl J B Clark                                    Daniel Ashby

                                                Major Ashby Statement

                                                Of the Battle at the


                                                            Nov. 28, 1838

                                                            No. 28

                                                Recd Dec 6th