Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General Samuel D. Lucas, 4th Division of Missouri Militia, Independence, MO to Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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                                    Independence Mo 5th. Novr. 1838.

His Exc. L.W. Boggs.

            Commd. In Chief

                        M. M.              Sir,                                                                                                                                                  I returned on Yesterday with

the troops of the lst Brig. 4. Divis. M. M.  We got to

Goose Creek in the vicinity of Far West, on 30th  Ult,

and the next day, the Town surrendered to us under

the following conditions and stipulations.—viz—

lst.—   To give up their leaders to be tried & punished.

2nd   To make an appropriation of their property

            all who have taken up arms to the payment

            of their debts, and indemnity for damage

            done by them.

3rd   That the balance Should leave the State and

            be protected out by the Militia, but to be

            permitted to remain until further Orders

            from the Commander in Chief

4th—    To give up their arms of every description,

            to be receipted for.

            We took about 600 Prisoners and rec,d

            Something like that number of arms.

                        In disbanding my command, I ordered

            Genl. Wilson to take charge of the leaders

            who I had demanded for trial. viz.—

Jo. Smith Jr. Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight,

Amos Lyman, Geo. W. Robinson, Parley Pratt,

Hyram Smith, together with the arms; and

march them to my head Quarters at Independence

to await your further Orders.  On 3rd of Novr.

when at Williams,s ferry, Missouri River, I received

a letter from Major Genl. Clark by express

ordering me to March the prisoners and arms

to Richmond, to disband my forces, and repair

myself with my staff to his camps where=ever I

could find it between Richmond, and Daviess

County.  This order I did not comply with, as

I could not under any circumstances, be comma=

=nded by a Junior Major Genl.—I was thrown

in to the field by a Call from Brig. Genl Parks

there in the field.  Which according to military

ettiquette and usage is equivalent to an order

and from your Order to Genl Clark, he is only

authorized to command Brigadier Generals, but can

make a call on Major Genl,s for any force that

he may think necessary.  I received a copy

of your Orders to him, and I intend to start the

prisoners and arms to Richmond in the morning

when the whole will be subject to his order.

            Your Orders of 26th. & 27th. Ult. together

with your letter to me of latter date was

only rec,d by express on 30th. Ult. within 6. or 7

miles of Far West, at this point Major Genl.

Atchison left me and returned home to

Liberty.  I was then left in the sole comd. Of about

1,800 men which I marched that night to Goose

Creek within one mile of Far West, by sun=down

the next day my forces were increased to 2500

men, with an Army of this magnitude I could

not think of lying idle and inactive.

            I will make out a fair report and send it

to you by next mail; we were looking for you

every day, for the last 4 or 5 days, or I would

have sent an express to You from Far West.

A communication I received from Genl. Clark

1st. Novr. Stated that he had learned you was

on your way up, and would arrive in a day

or two.  learning that Genl. Clark was on his

march with an army of 2000. men I concluded

that he would have force Sufficient to Operate

in Daviess and Livingston Counties, and to make

a final close without the co=operation of my

troops, I deemed it proper in Order to Save the

State an enormious expense, which each day

was immensely heavy; to discharge my forces

which was accordingly done, with the exception

of four companies left a Far West, and five

companies under Genl. Parks sent to Daviess

County.  I left your aid Col Williams, Col.

Burch and Major Reese of Regt. at Far West

drawing up all the necessary papers, and Col.

Hinkle and myself appointed 5th. Comd. viz:

Wm Collins of Jackson, G. W. Woodward of Ray

Judge Cameron of Clay and John Corrill and

M. Phelps of Far West.  The mormons are to

convey their property in trust to those comds.

for the benefit of creditors and for indemnifying

those that have been damaged by them.

This arrangement gave Satisfaction to the whole

Army and was the means, of saving a great

many valuable lives, and the effusion of

[“much” crossed out] immense blood shed.

                        I have the honor to be with

                            great respect

                                    Saml. D. Lucas

                                    Major Genl. 4th. Divis M.M.

P.S.      I sent Genl. Clark a copy of my report

            to you, as soon as I had it made out