Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO to General John B. Clark, 1st Division of Missouri Militia ]
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                                                Executive Department

To                                                        City of Jefferson

Major Genl                                          6. Nov 1838

                        Jno B. Clark

                        Commanding the forces)

                        against the Mormons     )


                                                                        I have the

honour to acknowledge, the receipt of your communi=

cation under the date of the 3d Inst dated at Richmond

by the Express Mr. G. D. Maupin.  I regret very much

to hear that Genl. Lucas has been guilty of disobedience

of orders, on the subject however I shall cause in due

time an enquiry to be made.  I thought I had been so very

explicit in my orders that it was not possible to mis=

understand them, you have placed the proper construction

upon them, which was that the whole force to be employed

in this service was to be placed under your command.

General Lucas was not ordered out at all except in the

way I mentioned to you in my last communication.

he was directed to cause Four hundred men of his

division, to be raised and place them under the command

of a Brigdier Genl, with the privilege if he thought

proper to waive his rank as Major Genl and

take Brigadier General’s command.

General Atchison was not ordered out in this last

affair for two reasons, one was that I was aware as

a member of the Legislature he would have other

duties to attend to, and another was that there was much

dissatisfaction manifested towards him by the people opposed

to the Mormons, he though under no militia law has

a right within the limits of his command to order out

his his troops to quell insurrection or repel invasion,

Genl Lucas though could not exercise any command

within Genl. Atchison’s division only so far as he may

have been [“commanded” crossed out] directed by the Commander in

Chief and that only extended to the Command. of

a Brigadier in pursuance of the orders which

I forwarded by Mr. Black the Express from Daviess

County whose companion Mr. Dryden bore my first

orders to you.  I therefore approve of the course you

have taken in demanding the prisoners of Genl Lucas

as well as the arms, and shall send to him instruc=

tions to deliver them over to your order in the way you

have directed him.  You will see that they are

securely confined within the limits of some prison

and strongly guarded.  The course you have pro=

posed taking in relation to the other prisoners, that

is to hold an Examining Court, and cause all

those deemed guilty to be confined and guarded

is the correct one.

You will proceed to Diamon and there disperce all

the persons you may find embodied and under

arms without authority of law, in the mean time a de=

tachment from your command can if it is deemed

necessary be employed to reinstate the people of Daviss

in their homes—It will also be necessary that

you hold a Military Court of inquiry in Daviess

County and arrest the Mormons who have been

guilty of the late outrages committed towards

the inhabitants of Said County, my instructions

to you are to settle this whole matter completely

if possible before you disband your forces, if

the Mormons are disposed voluntarily to leave the

State of course it would be advisable in you to

promote that object in any way deemed proper

The ring leaders of this rebellion though ought by

no means permitted to escape the punishment

they merit.

The troops from Colo. Gasconade and

Franklin are directed to report to you, you

had perhaps better return them in service and

discharge them who from fatigue or otherwise may

be disposed to return.

I should be pleased to have from you of the final

result of this matter previous to the meeting of

the Legislature.  I [“should” crossed out] shall forward to Genl. Lucas by

by Express the necessary orders and instructions

to obey the order you have directed to him, under

date of the 3d inst: in relation to the arms &

prisoners [“and shall also forward to him a copy

of this letter to you” crossed out]

I have to request of you to embody all

the facts you can collect in relation to the

commencement of progress and termination of

the recent difficulties with the Mormons

in order that I may communicate the

same to the Legislature

                                    I am respectfully

                                                Yr Ob St.

                                    L W Boggs

                                                            Com. in chief

The prisoners will of course be delivered over to the

civil authority, when you may deem it

prudent to do so

                                                L.W B.

                                                Copy to Genl

                                                Clark from Gov.

                                                Nov. 6, 1838

                                                Document No. 23