Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General Samuel D. Lucas, 4th Division of the Missouri Militia in Boonville, MO to Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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Genl Lucas



Oct 4, 1838



Boonville Mo : 4 Oct. 1838 .

Dear Sir-

As we passed down the Missouri

River on Monday last, we saw a large

force of Mormons at De Witt in Carroll

County, under arms. Their Commander Col:

Hinckle, formerly of Caldwell County , inform:

:ed me that there were 200, and that they

were hourly expecting an attack from the

Citizens of Carroll County , who, he said were

then encamped only 6 miles from there

waiting for a re-inforcement from Saline

County. Hinckle said they had determined

to fight. News has just been received at this

place through Dr. Scott of Fayette, that a fight

took place on yesterday, and that several persons

were killed. Dr. Scott informed me that he

got his information from a gentleman of res:

:pectability who had heard the firing of their

guns, as he passed down. If a fight has ac:

:tually taken place, which I have no doubt,

it will create great excitement, in the whole

upper Missouri , & those base and degraded

beings will be exterminated from the face

of the earth. If one of the Citizens of Carroll

should be killed, before 5 days I believe that

there will be from 4 to 5 thousand volunteers

in the field against the Mormons, & nothing

but their blood will satisfy them. It is an un:

:pleasant state of affairs The remedy I do

not pretend to suggest to your Excellency.

My troops of the 4th. Div: were only dis:

:missed, subject to further orders. I can be

called into the field, at an hours warning.

In haste I have the honor

to be yr. mo: obt: sert:

Saml D. Lucas

[the following paragraph has three xs crossing it out]

P.S. We get on slowly with the Courts

Martial Neither Powell, Smith, nor any

of the witnesses have arrived I would be

pleased to hear from your Excellency by

return mail.