Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General H. G. Parks, Headquarters, 2nd Brigade, of the 3rd Division of Missouri Militia at Millport, MO to Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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                                        Head Quarterz 2nd Brigade 3rd. Division

                                         Millport  September 25   1838

His Excellency  L. W. Boggz

Commander in Chief.

                                            Sir-I received this

morning, after my return from a tour in

the upper part of this County, with a detail

of the troopz under my command, in assisting

the constable in bringing offenderz against

the lawz to justice, your despatchs to Major

Genl Atchison, which I took the liberty to open.

The Major General left here with the troopz

from Clay and Ray, except 2 Companiez

from Ray, ordered to remain under my com:

:mand, as the 18the inst. Since that time I

have been employed in assisting the peace

officerz to execute the lawz, & in bringing

offenderz to justice.

                          I am happy to inform you

that there is not any necessity to use a larger

force here at present-That now under my

command.  I deem amply sufficient for the

present [purent] purpose.   Should occasion re:

:quire it.  I have thought I could detail a

sufficient force from the Brigade under

my command.  Whatever may have been the

desposition of the people, called Mormonz,

before our arrival here,  since we have made

our appearance, they have shown no dispos:

:sition to resist the lawz, or of hostile intentionz-.


   I deemed it my duty to visit their towns in this

County, and az soon az they saw the militia interpose

betweeen them and the people of this and some of the

adjoining Countiez, who had assembled in armz, they

went to work, abandoned their hostile attitude.  &

at this time peace and tranquility have every appear:

:ance of being restored.  How long things may maintain

their present attitude I know not-but if the Major

Genl: had not taken the field with a sufficient

force, as promptly as he did there is every reason to fear

a dreadful conflict would have ensued.  On next

Saturday there will be brought to trial some 15 or

20 individuals of the mormonz before a Justice of the

peace- A committee haz been appointed on behalf

of the Citizenz of Daviesz County to meet the

Mormonz on tomorrow for the purpose of

proposing to buy or sell out to them.  They will

meet at Adam-ondi-Ahmon, where I will attend

with a force to ensure tranquility.  There has been

So much prejudice & exaggeration concerned

in this matter, that I found thingz on my arrival

here, totally different from what I waz

prepared to expect-

            It is time that a great excitement did

prevail between the partiez, & I am happy

to say that my exertions, az well az that of

Major Genl Atchison, & the officerz & men under

my command have been crowned with success.

   When we arrived here we found a large body of

men from the Countiez adjoining; armed and

in the field, for the purpose, as I learned of az:

:sisting the people of this County against the

Mormonz, without being called out by the proper

authoriez-These forces the Major General very

promptly prevailed on to return to their homez. &

left directionz with me to see that they had done

so- I have the honor to say to you that duty haz

been promptly attended to.  all of which I have ad:

:vised Genl A. thereof-  I have thought it necez:

:sary to be this minute in detailing to you our

operationz since we took the field-for further par:

:ticularz I beg your Excellency may refer to the

Major Genl, who I doubt not will commu:

:nicate to you all the information in his pos:

:session-  In the mean time I assure you that

any orderz given by you or the major Genl: rela:

:tive to this matter, shall be promptly atten:

:ed to.-    I have the honor to remain

                        your obdt servt:

                          H. G. Park, Brig. Genl




P.S.  Since writing the above, I recd. inform:

:ation that if the committeez do not agree

the determination of the Daviesz County men,

is to drive the Mormonz with powder and

lead.  Should any further measurez take

place of importance. I will immediately

advise the Major General of the Division thereof

                                                I remain yourz

H. G. P. B. Genl.

H. G. Parks


Commander in Chief

Sept. 28 1838