Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Petition from certain Mormons of DeWitt, MO to Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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Govr         copied            

Sept 22 1838

[Truly Coping]

                                    Dewitt County of Carroll and

                                    State of Missouri 22nd. Sept. 1838

            To his excellency Lilburn W. Boggs, Governor

Of the State of Missouri Mi &c

                                    Your Petitionerz, citizenz

of the County of Carroll , do hereby petition your

Excellency praying for relief.  That whereas

your petitionerz have on the 20th  inst. been

sorely aggrieved by being beset by a lawlesz

mob certain inhabitants of this and other count:

:tiez to the injury of the good citizenz of

 this and the adjacent places, that on the afore said

day came from one hundred to one hundred

and fifty armed men & threatened with force

& violence to drive certain peaceable citizenz

from their homez in defiance of all law

& threatened them to drive said citizenz out of the county.

but on deliberation concluded to give them said

citizenz til the first of October next to leave

said County, & threatened if not gone by that

time to exterminate them without regard

to age or sex and destroy their chattels, by throw:

:ing them in the river-  We therefore pray you

to take such stepz as shall put a stop to all

lawlesz proceedingz- and we your petitionerz

will ever pray xc


Benjm Kendrick                                  John Thorp

Dudly Thomas                                                H. T. Chipmon

Wm. T. London                                  David Dixon

John Kendrick                                    Benjamin Hensley

Thomas Dehart                                    Franklin A Thayer

Francis Brown                                     Hamilton M. Wallace

John Tilfard                                         Nathan Stinon

H. G. Sherwood                                  Mrz Elizabeth Smith

John Murdock                                     Henry Root

G. M. Hinkel                                       A. L. Caldwell

James Vallanee                                    Rufus Allen

Jabez Lake                                           Ezekiel Barnes

Albert Lovee                                       Daniel H. Barnes

Samuel Lake                                        Wm. S. Smith

Asa Manchester                                   James Hampton

William Wilson                                   Robert Hampton

Thos Hollinshead                                Jonathan Hampton

Asa W. Barness                                   George Peacock

Elijah T. Rogers                                  Daniel Clark

John Dougherty                                  John Proctor

Moses Harris                                       James M. Ginn

Perry Thayer                                        Smith Humphrey

B. R. Beartley                                     John Clark

Jonathan Harris                                   Daniel Thomas (no Mormon)

Wm. J. Hatfield

Oliver Olney