Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from the Honorable Austin A. King, Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit in Richmond, MO to General David R. Atchison, of the 3rd Division of the Missouri Militia ]
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                                                                                                     Richmond 10th. Sept. 1838.

Dear Sir,

            Since my letter to you on yesterday, I

have received divers & Sundry communica=

=tions  from grand river, all going to shew that the

people in that quarter on both sidez need protection,

and nothing but an armed force can do it.

            The Mormons named in the warrant

issued by Esqr. Dryden, will not be taken, and

I send you a letter from Smith and Rigdon

which may be of service to me hereafter, and I

hope you will preserve it.  From that you can

learn somewhat the state of affairz.  I do not

know of any authority I have to direct your

movements in the matter, but I will advise you

and hope you may deem it your duty to act in

the matter to send a force Say of 200 men,

or more if necessary, and from the circumstances

more may be necessary.  Dispel the force in

Daviesz and all the assembled armed forcez

in Caldwell and while there to cause those Mormonz

who refused to give up, to surrender and be

recognized for it will not do to compromise the

law with them.  I shall inform the Governor

of what I have [“done” crossed out] advised, and I have no doubt

but he will approve of it to take time before hand to

Send to him will be useless, for the mischief will be

done before he could act.  Please advise me of

your determination by the bearer, I will cordially

co=operate with you, when you may require it.


                                                        Austin A. King.

Genl. David R. Atchison,

            Dear Sir,  The undersigned are fully

impressed with a belief that there is an insurrection

on foot in the countiez of Caldwell and Daviefz

in this State between the Mormons and other Citizenz

of this State.  The Citizens of Daviesz have a Mormon

in custody az a prisoner who they took as a Spy,

and the Mormons in Caldwell have three men

to wit, John Comer, William McHaney, and Allen

Miller, taken and confined as prisoners.  They

were taken in passing from Ray through Caldwell

to Davisz County .  The undersigned therefore earnestly

request you to order out the militia to suppresz

this insurrection, and to save effusion of