Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from E. M. Ryland of Lexington, MO to Messengers Amos Rees and Wiley C. Williams ]
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E. M. Ryland


Rees & Williams

Oct 25 1838


                                                Lexington 6. O.Clock P.M.

                                                                October  25th.  1838


                      This letter is Sent after you on expresz, by

Mr. William Bryant of Ray County , Since you

left uz this morning Mr. C. R. Morehead came

here on expresz for men to assist in Repelling

a threatened attack upon Richmond to night,

He brought news that the mormon armed force

had attacked Capt. Bogart this morning at day

light, and had Cut Off his whole company of 50

men.  Since Mr. Morehead left Richmond

one of the company (Bogart’s had come in, and

reported that there were ten of his comradez

killed, and the remainder were taken prisonerz

after many of them had been severly wounded)

he stated further that Richmond would be Sacked

and burned by the Mormon Banditti to  night

nothing can exceed the consternation which this

news gave rise to.—The women and children

are flying from Richmond in every direction.

A number of them have repaired to Lexington

amongst whom is Mrs. Rees, we will have Sent

from this county since 1.Oclock this evening

about 100. well armed and dairing men, perhaps

the most effective that our county can boast

of.  They will certainly give them (the mormons)

a warm reception at Richmond to night.  You will

See the necessity of hurrying on to the City of

Jefferson .  And also of imparting correct

information to the public as you go a long.

            My impression is that you had better

Send one of your number to Howard, Cooper,

and Boone Counties, in order that Volunteerz

may be getting ready and flocking to the scene

of trouble as fast as possible.  They must

make haste and put a Stop to the devastation

which is menaced by these infuriated fanaticz.

And they must go prepaired, and with the full

determination to exterminate or expel them

from the State en masze,  Nothing but thiz

can give tranquillity to the Public mind.

and reestablish the Supremacy of the law.

There must be no farther delaying with this

question anywhere.  The mormons must leave

the State, or we will one and all,  And to this

complexion it must come at last, We have

great reliance on your ability, discretion,

and fitnesz for the task You have

Undertaken, and have only time to Say God

Speed you!


    Amos Rees &                                  Yours truly

    Wiley Williams                                  E. M. Ryland.