Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from Wiley C. Williams and Amos Rees, Demoss's To General John B. Clark, 1st Division of the Missouri Militia ]
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Oct 25, 1838

                                     Davioses Midnight

                                                  25th Oct. 1838

Maj. Genl John B Clark

                                    We write you a hasty letter

from the point to give you Authentic information

as to the appaling Situation of the Country in

the Neighborhood of the Mormons. We use

on our way as expresus the Governor con-

veying the following information- that these

wretched fanatics have thrown off all restrainet

and are destroying all before them- they

have burned Galatin the County Seat of

Daviess taken the goods from J. Stallings

Store and burned the house they have

burned the Villeage of Millport in Daviess

and have burned almost every house from

Galatin and Millport North with many

others in other parts of the County and

plundered the whole Country of the property

of the inhabitants they say themselves

that they have taken $30,000 worth of property

We have this moment received an express

informing us that they this morning at day

light attached Capt Bogards Company of

fifty men with 300 Mormons and defeated

him Killing Some ten men wounding

many others and taken the most of the

remainder prisoners  Many of the Mormons

having been killed in the fight as is supposed

We have but little hope from these wretched

Desperadoes but that they will kill all

these prisoners  This attack was made in

Ray County  Capt Bogard had been

Stationed on the Northern line of the

County to patrol and Guard it the Mor

mons having threatened to invade that

County  They have determined to attack

and burn Richmond to night And we

have but little doubt but that they will

attempt it  The women and children have

 all left Richmond and are leaving the

County flying for protection to Livingston

and elsewhere  These creatures will never

Stop until they are stoped by the Strong

hand of force.  And Something must be

done and that Speedily   There is no kind

of doubt but that all the Alarm with

much more that I have not time to write

is true and you may act accordingly

                                    Yours Respectfully

                                      Wiley C. Williams

                                       Amos Rees


                        We were informed last night by an

Express from Ray County that Capt Bogard

and all his company amounting to between fifty

and sixty were massacred by the Mormons

at Buckhorn  twelve miles north of Richmond

except three.  This Statement you may rely

on as being true and last night they expected

Richmond to be burnt in ashes  this morning

we could distinctly hear Cannon and we

know the Mormons have one in their pos

-session Richmond is about twenty five

miles west of this place on a straight line

we know not the hour or minuite we will be

laid in ashes  Our Country is ruined for God

Sake give us assistance as quick as possible

Carrolton Mo                           Yours &c

Oct. 24, 1838                 Sashel Woods Joseph Dickson