Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Affidavit of Orson Hyde, Richmond, Ray County, MO ]
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it one gore of blood, from the Rocky

mountains to the Atlantic ocean .  That like

Mahamet, whose motto, in treating for peace was

the Alcoran, or the sword.  So should it be eventually

with uz.  Jo Smith or the sword-

                                    These last statements were

made during the last summer.  The number of armed

men at Adamondiamon, was between three & four


                                        Thomas B. Marsh

Richmond mo.

October the 24th 1838          Sworn to & subscribed before me

                                            the day herein written

                                                  Henry Jacobs. J. P. Ray County Mo.

The most of the Statements in the foregoing des:

:closures of Thomas B. March, I know to be true-

the remainder I believe to be true.

Richmond . Oct: 24th. 1838                Orson Hyde

sworn to and subscribed before

me on the day above written

                        Henry Jacobs J. P.

  The undersigned committee on the part of the

Citizensz of Ray County have no doubt, but that

Thomas B. Marsh & Orson Hide, whose names are

signed to the foregoing certificates have been memberz

of the Mormon church, in full fellowship until very

recently, when they voluntarily abandoned the mormon

church & faith-and that said Marsh was at

the time of his dissenting, the president of the

twelve apostlez, & president of the church at

Far West , and that said Hide was at that time

one of the twelve apostlez, and that they left the

church & abandoned the faith of the mormonz

from a conviction of their immorality & impiety-

Richmond Oct: 24th 1838-

                                                Thomas C. Burch

                                                William Hudgins

                                                Geo: Woodward

                                                J. R. Hendley

                                                C. R. Morehead

                                                O. H. Searcey

                                                Henry Jacobs