Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Affidavit of Adam Black, Daviess County, MO ]
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I. Adam Black Citizen of Daviesz county do

State as follows. To wit, That on the 11th . day of

October 1838. that Mr. Henry Lee. were driven

from his house in said County, he Stated that the

Mormons came to his house and ordered him

to leave immediately, or he would Suffer, that

he were in danger, that there were a general

insurrection a ware going to take place, and

he had better get a way, and Mr. Lee left

home on the 15th. Instant.  The Post rider

Stated to the Citizens of Said County, the Citizens

of Caldwell were paraded in Far West ,

for the purpose of Marching to Daviesz County

to drive all of the Citizens out of that County

that were not friendly towards them.

                        on the 16th the mormons marched

into Said county, from too [sic] to five hundred

Supposed to be          on the 17th. they went to

Several of the Citizens of Said county and took

their arms and ammunition, and Said they

intended to drive all of the Mob out of the

County, on the 18th. they marched about one

hundred or more men well armed to Galitin,

and drove the Citizens of Said town, and robbed

the Store, and Post Office, and burned the

Said Store=House, and office, they went to G. W. Thorton

Post Master of Said office and drive out of

his house, and robbed it, and burned it, the went

to several other citizens on the Same day, and

ordered them to leave the county against the

next day, or they would take their livez.

on the 19th they marched threw the county and

drive a number of the citizens from Said county

and robbed their house and burnt them.

    My house ware one amongst the rest..

About 12 O.Clock the Same (“day” crossed out) night, they were

Seen burning down 5. Housez in Gallitin, the

County Seat in Davisz County , on the 20th, they

were Seen marching 300 men threw the county

all well armed, driving the citizens before them,

robbing their houses thretning thare lives if they

did not leve the Smoke ware Seen riseing

from Several bildings, by the citizens of Daviesz

County  21st.  They marched about 400 to one

Mr. William Osbers’ in Daviesz County , Mr.

Osbern not being at home, they threatened

the life of his wife, ordered her out of her house

putting the muzzles of their Guns against her, and

punching her with them, and Shoved her out of

her house, and told here to leve thare, and

plundered and robbed her house; they then

marched a cross Grand River to the North

Side to Esquire Drydens, and took two

Saddles, and one pare of Saddle bagz, took his

Son and nefew prisoners, marched to Mr. White

in Livinston County thretning in the presents of

Mrs. White, if her husband war at home they

would take his life, Plundered her house took

a quantity of their clothing, Several log chainz

and draw chainz, took and destroyed about 50

bushels of Oats.  Throde down the fences, rode

threw his field of corn, and destroyed quantity

of corn, took five bee=stands: they plundered

two other houses in Livinston County , and took

two prisoners, a Mr. Driden, and a Mr. Martin

as they were returning from preeching: they then

 marched for thare Citey in Daviesz County , Adam

on deamon, and on thare way, they took five

other men prisoners in marching a Short distance

they discharged three of thares prisoners, the carried

6 others on about 12 miles, where they passed threw

a large company of footmen there they discharged

others of their prisoners, and one of the prisoners

State when he returned thare ware a company came

with him to Millport, to burn Said place the lite

of the fire ware seen, and next morning the Smoke

ware seen rising from 5 housez next morning by

Mr. Osbern it is also Stated by Col. Peniston it is

burnt into ashes. 21st. it is Stated by Mr. Stone

and two other men, that they Saw the mormonz

driving a large drove of Cattle from Daviesz county

towards Caldwell County .  Mr. Osborn  States he has

lost 41 or 42 head of Cattle, they have taken

Several Horses from the Citizens, the amount not

known, they have also taken a quantity of Pork

hogs, the amount unknown, it is Supposed from

the best information, there is about 800 or upwardez

well armed, imbodied in Said County , and near

about all of the Citizens of Said County have

left thare houses moved thare famleys to

Livingston County . thare are not a Single officer

left in Said County , to execute the laws of our

land.  And in behalf of the citizens of Said

County, and in my own behalf, ask of the

Executive of the State, to be rein=Stated in

Our homez. and the necessary and legal Steps

to be taken to recover our property, and bring

the offenders to Justice.

                                         Adam Black