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Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Affidavit of Henry Marks, Ray County, MO ]
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Affidavits of

Henry Marks &

Adam Black           

Oct: 24, 1838

Being requested by a Committee of

the Citizenz of Ray County to make a statement

of such facts, as are within my knowledge,

relative to the Mormonz-I have to say that

I came to Far West , the 17th. April last and

have lived there ever since.  I have never been

a member of the Mormon Church, but my

parents are.  I am about the age of 18 years-

I have lived at the house of Sidney Rigdon

the most of the time.  I have heard the prophet

Smith in public address, say he would like

to have a play [speel] of the whole U. S. (in a

fight as I took it.)  This was on the election day

last August.  I have often heard the mormonz

say they would a soon shoot the dissenterz that

come out and talked against them, as to shoot

any thing else.  I have heard diverz mormonz

say that they Burnt the store of Mr. Stollingz

in Daviesz County .  David W. Patton had the

command of the company that went to Gal:

:latin- The Mormonz say that they did

not burn the goods, but hauled them

off_ Said Patton went by the name of

Capt. Fearnot-

                        A few dayz ago I heard a com:

:pany of Mormonz who had been to Daviesz

County say they had taken from the Citizenz

of Daviesz County about twenty four horsez

and thirty two gunz-And it was said by

mormonz about there, that it was done

to make up for lossez in Jackson County-

when the company came up who took

the gunz & horsez.  I heard Sidney Rigdon

Shout three timez Hosannah to the Victorz,

and made them a speech, exhorting them not

to fear, & to keep up courage-

                                    Henry Mearks

Richmond mo.

Oct:24th.  1838

Sworn to & subscribed

before me on the day above


              Henry Jacobs J. P.

                      of Ray County