Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Report of the messengers C.R. Morehead, William Thornton, and Jacob Gudgel, of Richmond, MO ]
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The undersigned having on Monday morning last

learned that the mormons had burned Millport

in Daviesz county in addition to the burning of Stollingz

Store in Gallatin in Said County ; and of their having

threatened to burn the Store in Buncombe Settlement

in this County, and feeling an anxiety to know the

truth in relation to Said reportz-left this place

Richmond , on that (Monday morning) & proceeded

to Millport, they however previously called at

Judge Morins’ who livez about ¼ of a mile from

Millport, who informed those that all they had

learned was Substantially true, and that much

more had been done by the Mormons, than the

people of this county had been informed of; he

went with us to Millport where we found all

the housez in ashes, except a Grocery Store

house belonging to a Mr. Slade and a house

in which Mr. Wilson McKinney had lived, we

also found the house of Robert Peniston near

Millport burned:       The horse=mill belonging

to him, (Peniston) was taken down, the Stonez,

bolting chest &c lying out Some distance from

the Shed, and the shed Yet Standing. Mr. Morin

informed us that the burning was done on

Sunday night last, that on the next day he saw

mormons thare and saw them taking Off beds and

Other thingz belonging to Wilson McKinney; we

also Saw Some furniture which we understood from

Mr. Morin belonged to McKinney Standing Out in

the commons, and which Seemed to have been

riffled of its contents.  Mr. Morin expected on the

day we were there, that the Mormons would

be thare (at Millport) to move Off the remaining

property and to burn the balance of the housez.

he stated to us that he considered his Situation

a precarious one, that he had been permitted

to Stay thus long owing to having no wagons

to move with, but that he expected to get

wagons that day & intended moving in to

Richmond immediately; he said that the County

was entirely deserted by the inhabitants except

himself, and a few Otherz, besides the Mormons,

and expressed it as his belief, that the corn

from his house to Diamon would all be

gathered, and hawled into Diamon by the

Mormons in 48. Hours from that time.

He also Stated to us, that he was at Diamon

a few days previously, and Saw a company

of men (mormons) come into camp with

a drove of Cattle, amounting to about 100

head, which he supposed belonged to other

Citizens, he also Saw a man in possession

of a Mormon, which he was very certain belonged

to  Mr. Morgan a citizen of Daviesz County.-

Mr. Morin looked upon these Mormons who were

then at Diamon (amounting he supposed to about

600 men) as a band of Robbers and desparadoes,

he advised us very Strongly to go no farther, not

to attempt to go to Diamon, or Far West-

That we would gather nothing [ ] by [ ]

So, in addition to which we there learned

that the County on the North Side of Grand River

and west of him was certainly deserted

except by the mormons, and had been for several

days, that the houses were all burned, or to use

his own words, that it was a complete waste.

                        Mr. Morin also informed us, that the

Mormons had Ordered the Other Citizens out of

the County, and that he too had been ordered

to leave, he appeared very anxious that we

should not be seen at his house, by any

mormon, that it Should not be known that

he had given any information or expressed any

thing unfavorable towards them, until he get

away.  We did not visit Gallatin , but

understood from Mr. Morin and others, whom

we met moving into this county, that all the

houses in that place were burned

except a Shoemakers’ Shop belonging to a Mr.


Richmond Mo. Wednesday October 24th. 1838.

                                    C. R. Morehead,

                                    Wm. Thornton

                                    Jacob Gudgel

Report of

Morehead & others

Oct 24, 1838