Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from the Citizens of Ray County, Richmond, MO to Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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                                                                        Richmond Mo. Oct. 23rd. 1838.

The Governor of the State of Missouri .


                        The alarming State of Daviesz County, and the

panic produced by the late movements of the Mormons

in that County has produced a degree of excitements

and alarm here that has not been heretofore witnessed,

the latest accounts from Daviesz County that has

reached us, Say that all the inhabitants of Daviesz

County have left.  And Sought refuge in Livingston

or this, County, the Stone house of Jacob Stallings in

Gallatin Daviesz County was robbed and burned

by the Mormons, the Post Office kept there, was

also destroyed and we believe that the housez

of 5 or 6 of the inhabitants of Daviesz have been

destroyed by fire, the property taken away, and the

women and children obliged to flee; the armz of all

the Citizens in Daviesz they could find have been

taken by them forcibly; they have also carried

away the Cannon from Livingston County , and have

it now in their possession.

            The mormons have robbed George Worthington

P. M. at Gallatin , of his notez & property to the

amount of nearly $2,000. In short the newsz

from them reach us hourly that they are destroying the

property of the Citizens, they cannot carry away, and all

that they can carry away they take; blood & plunder

appears to be their Object, all those who do not join

with them in their incindiary conduct are banished

from Caldwell, and all those of other counties who

are Opposed to them are threatened:  It is the desire

of the citizens that his Excellency would visit thiz

Section of Country, and call out a Sufficient number

of troopz to put a Stop to the further ravages of these

fanatics,  If some such measures are not taken

Shortly, the whole Country will be over-run, but we

now firmly believe they are aggressorz, and Say they

will indeimnify  themselves for losses in Jackson (“county” crossed out)

and Carroll; we are not alarm=ists, and have had

no fears Until lately these fanaticz would have

dared to behave as they have lately; there Seems to be

but one Opinion here on the Subject, and that is,

unlesz a Military force is brought to act against

them and that Shortly, they will destroy as far as they,

are able.  We think it our duty to advise you of

these thingz                        Very Respectfully

                                            Your Obt. Servt.s

R. T. Mitchell         (           T. L. D. W. Shaw

John N. Hughs        (              G. Lenhart

Thomas McKinney (             Jno.  C. Richardson

Jesse Comer            (                    M. T. Long

James  L. Beell           (            George Woodward

J. R. Doolittle             (             Lewis S. Jacobs

B. I. Brown, Sheriff    (            Berry Hughs

  of Ray County .         (            William Hudgins P.M.

We are deficient in arms.  If there are any

to spare, we wish them brought up here.


                                              William Hudgins

Citizens of Ray



Oct 23. 1838