Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General H. B. Parks, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division of the Missouri Militia, Richmond, MO to General David R. Atchison, 3rd Division of Missouri Militia, Liberty, MO. ]
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                                                Brigade Head Quarters, at Richmond

                                                2nd. Brigade, 3rd. Division

                                                                                    21st. Oct: 1838

Major Genl: D. R. Atchison.

                        Sir. I received yours of the 16th inst.

from Boonville, which I will let remains until I see

you_ I have now returned from the Country of Daviesz & assure

you this County is agitated by a deeper & more desperate

excitement than I have yet witnessed.  I left the place

on tuesday the 16th inst. with two companies of mounted

men, having directed Col. Dunn to precede me to Daviesz

County, where I had good evidence to believe the troopz

and                intending to act against Adamon Diahman          

intending to cooperate with Genl. Doniphan. & the remainder

of the troops.  I had proceeded on to the Head waters of

Crooked River, when a severe snowstorm over took us

& we were compelled to abandon the undertaking, for

the present, the troops, were dismissed until further

ordersz, and the troops under Col. Dunn had been

ordered home by Genl. Doniphan, who came as far

as Far West , from whence he returned home_I

with a part of my staff proceeded onto Far West .

which I reached on Tuesday night, & learning that

the Clay Troops had gone home, I determined to

proceed to Daviesz, & examine the state of the Country._

on thursday I proceeded on to the town of Adair in

Daviesz County , & on the way heard the mormonz

had burnt a store house in Gallatin belonging

to  Jacob Stollingz-I sent two men to see and

learn the fact. & on their return confirmed the

news I saw at Adam on Diahmon about 500

Mormonz, under armz. all well armed, about

200 of them mounted_ I asked them their motive

in appearing in armz_their answer waz “they

intended to defend that place-they had been driven

from Dewitt & other placez, and here they were

determined to stand and die rather than be driven

from that place”_

                        I next visited Mill port & found on

my way down the ridge, that the inhabitants

had left their housez, and all above Pennington’s

have fled- That County is in a worse State than

at any former period, and I believe that the

Mormons are now the aggressors, as I have

seen many depredationz, which they have com:

:mitted- I have certificates of their having taken

armz from the Citizen of Daviesz forcibly in The

excitement in this County is more deep and

full of vengeanes than I have yet seen it- &

I would not be surprised, if some signal act

of vengeance would be taken on these fanatickz-

Wednesday next is fixed for a full and general

meeting of the citizens of this County to take

into consideration, the steps necessary to be taken

in this state of affairz-I do not know what to do.

I will remain passive until I hear from you

I do not believe calling out the militia

would avail any thing towards restoring

peace, unlesz they were called out in such

force as to fight the Mormonz & drive them

from the Country- This would satisfy this

people-but I cannot agree to it.  I hold myself

ready to execute as far as I can go any order

from you, and wish you to advise the Com:

:mander-in-chief as to the situation of the

upper Country-perhaps a visit from

him would have some effect in ally:

:ing the excitement-  I remain your


                                    H. G. Parks. Genl.

                                    2nd. Brigade. 3rd. Div

H. G. Parks


D. R. Atchison

   Oct. 21  1838