Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Affidavit of Jonathan J. Dryden ]
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Jonathan L. Dryden after beinduly sworn deposeth

and sayeth, that on the 21st. day of October 1838, that

he was taken as a prisoner, by the prisoner called Mormon

from his one house, sick with the feever and cared

him about one mile, and released him, pon the account

of his health, and while in custidy he ware told by

them, they had applied to the Governor diverse

of times for pertection, and he had never had sent

them eny assitance, and now they had taken the

law in their own hands, and they intended to have

the thing setled; because they believe the Governor

to be as big a mob man as eny of them, and the

plounder which they ware now taken, was to pay

them back for the property, which they, had last

in Jackson County , when they ware driven from

tharre, and this affiant sayeth not.

                                    Jonathan L. Dryden

            The above sworn and subscribed before me the

22nd. day of this instance

                                                Adam Black


James Stone after bein duly sworn deposeth and

sayeth, that on the 20th. day of October 1838. That the

people called Mormon came to his house, and told

him if he did not leve Daviess County against