Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from Captain Bogart of Elk Horn in Ray County, MO to Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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                        Elk Horn Ray Co, Mo.   13th Oct. 1838 .

                                    To his Excellency L. W. Boggs

                                                            Dr. Sir,

                                                                        I avail myself of this

opportunity to inform you of the present deplorable condition

of our country.  I arrived home last night of the 2nd .

tour of duty to suppress insurrection, when the first

campaign closed on Grand River and the public was

informed that peace was restor,d the Citizens who –

liv,d in Daviess and the adjoining counties knew and

expressed themselves that the Mormons were determ,d

to drive the Citizens from Dvi,s Co  - which the

Mormons have since express,d -  The lives of the

people of Daviess have been threaten,d  many of

them have fled for safety to the adjoining co,ts

whenever we meet a Mormon he is armed in

best manner, and continually throwing out his

threats.  Next we were ordered to De Witt in

Carroll County under Genl H. G. Parks, when

we arrived at Carrollton we were inform,d that

the people of Carroll and the Mormons who were

mostly Cannadians, were assembled in a mile

of each other, ready for battle; we were also told

the Mormons of Caldwell were on their way to

De Witt 100 more expected to pass down that

night.  I went to Genl  Parks and requested him

to permit me to move my company on that Road

and prevent their passing, but he refus,d and we

lay there that day and till midnight at which

time W. C. Williams came to the camp and told

us the Mormons were passing from Caldwell ,  I

peraded my company and marchd – to the Mormon

roads leaving Parks in Carrollton [ ] incapable

of knowing what was going on.  The Mormons

passed before I reac,d the road, the next day

Parks overtook us with the balance of the troops

we moved down near De Witt - & encamped two

days without making one effort to disperse either

party – I visited De Witt in company with Parks,

Dr. Ellis, Mc’Gee, and several others and on

the public highway some [7 a] mile from the town

we were met by a Mormon from Far West ,

who cock,d his gun, persented it at me, and

commanded us to stop – this is a common

thing with them; in this country, the publick

highways are guarded.  Genl Parks returnd

home with his command leaving over 200

Mormons well armed in Carroll Co. who

came from Caldwell after being expressly

orderd by Major Genl Atchison to disperce

them at all hazard’s.  The people of Carroll and

the Mormons have made a compromise = The

Mormons are moving west, it is supposed they

intend pushing the Citizens out of Daviess, that

county is in a state of great agitation, great

excitement prevails here.  The Daviess & Livingston

Co. people and many from others, are on their way

to Daviess County with one field piece, with the

determination to prevent there  settling in that

County at all hazards – if there is not some

effective means taken to settle to settle this difficulty

much blood will be spilt soon.  It will require

a strong force.  Tow many of our officers are

seeking popularity with the Mormons supposing

their votes in time will be of some service to them.

            You may rest assurd times grow worse

& worse here; the Mormons emboddy themselves

keep out gards, and refuse to let any person

see their forces, had you proceeded on to

Daviess Co you could easely have convue,d

yourself the state of things which are desperate

in the extreme, you will no doubt be calld – on

I hope you will take steps to make a final

settlement of this matter, if it is not soon

done, our country is ruind

                                    Your Obt Serv,t

                                    Samuel Bogart

                                    Capt. in the late volunteers.

Capt [S.] Bogart



Oct. 13. 1838