Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General H. G. Parks, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division of the Missouri Militia, 5 miles from DeWitt, MO to General David R. Atchison, 3rd Division of the Missouri Militia in Boonville, MO ]
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Brigade Head Quarters, 5 miles from De wit, in

            Carroll County October 7th. 1838.

Major Genl D. R. Atcheson


                        Immediately after my express to you

by Mr. Warder was sent, I proceeded to this place

which I reached Yesterday, with two companies of

mounted men from Ray.  I ordered Col Jones to

call out 3 companies from this county to hold

themselves in readiness to join me at Carrollton

on the 5th Inst. which order has not been carried

into effect, none of the Carroll Regiment is with

me.  – On arriving at the vicinity of De wit, I

found a body of armed men under the command

of Doctor Austin , encamped near De wit, besieging

that place to the number of 200 or 300. with a

piece of Artillery, ready to attack the town

of De wit. On the other side Hinkle has in that

place 3, or 400 Mormons to defend it, and

says he will die, before he is drove from thence.

            On the 4th Inst. they have a [ ] 15

or 30 [“20” crossed out] guns fired on both sides, one man from

Saline wounded in the lip, the Mormons,

are at this time too strong, and no attack is

expected before Wednesday or Thursday next

at which time Dr. Austin hopes his forces will amount

to 500 men, when he will make a second attempt on

the Town of De wit, with small arms & cannon.

            In this posture of affirs, I can do nothing

but negotiate between the parties until further aid, is

sent me; - I received your friendly letter of the

5th. Inst. by Mr. Warder authorizing me to call on Genl

Donephant, which call I have made on him for 5

companies from Platte, Clay, and Clinton , with two

companies I ordered, from Livingston , of which I

doubt whether these last will come, if they do,

I think I will have a force sufficient to manage

these Billigerents.  Should these troops arrive [“in” crossed out] here

in time, I hope to be able to prevent Bloodshed

nothing seems so much in demand here (to hear

the Carroll County men talk) as Morman scalps, as

yet they are scared, I believe Hinkle with his

present force and position, will beat Austin with

500 of his troops, the Mormons say they will die before

they will be drove out &c.  As yet they have acted

on the defensive, as far as I can learn.  It is my

settled opinion, the Mormons will have no rest

until they leave; whether they will or not, time

only can tell: I assure you I never felt more

rejoiced than when I received your letter, to

call on General Donaphant’s Brigade, for this

mark of your confidence and friendly approval

of my action, I do feel under renewed obligations

to you, and hope to shew the necessity of making

the call on D’s Brigade.  I have also sent an

express to Doniphant to come in person if he can,

I want his aid & advice, I will keep you advised

from time to time of the state of affairs here,

it would relieve me much if you would request

the Governor to make his appearance here among

the Carroll boyes he need not order out any

forces, those already ordered by me, I deem

sufficient, you know a word from his Excellency

would have more power to quell this affair than a

Regiment; should he come which I hope he will

for this is no little affair, he will be able to take

such steps as may be deemed by him right and

necessary to Settle this matter.

                                    I have the honor to remain

                                                            Your Obt. Servt

                                                H.G. Parks Brig,d Genl