Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: The Report of the Committee of Chariton County, signed by John W. Price and William K. Logan ]
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The undersigned Committee appointed at a

public meeting by the citizens of Chariton County , on

the 3rd day of October Instant.  For the purpose of

repareing to De Witt in Carroll County , to enquire

into the nature of the difficulties between the citizens

of Carroll, and the Mormons.  We arrived at the place

of difficulties on the 4th of October inst. and found

a large portion of the citizens of Carroll, and the

adjoining Counties assembled near De Witt, well

armed.  We enquired into the nature of the difficulties,

they said that there was a large portion of people

called Mormons imbodied in [“at” crossed out] De Witt, from different

parts of the world.  They are unwilling for them to

remain there, which is the cause of their waging

war against them.  To use the gentleman’s language

they are waging war of extermination, or remove

them from the said county.

                        We also went into De Witt, to see

the situation of the Mormons, we found them in the

act of defence, beging for peace, and wishing for the

civil authorities to repare there as early as possible

to settle the difficulties between the parties.

            Hostilities have commence and will continue,

until they are stopt by the civil authorities.

                        This we believe to be a correct

Statement of both parties. This the 5th day of

October 1808.

                                                John W. Price,

                                                Wm K. Logan,

Sworn to, and subscribed before me the

undersigned one of the Justices of the peace

within and for Chariton County , and state of

Missouri , this 5th day of October, 1838

                                                John Morse, J.P.