Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General David R. Atchison from Headquarters, 3rd Division of Missouri Militia in Richmond, MO to GOvernor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO ]
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Presumed from

Genl. Atchison



                                                            Sept. 12, 1838


                                                                        Richmond Sept 12 1838

Headquarters 3rd Div M.M.


                        from information received from the Counties of

Daviess and Caldwell within the bounds of this division

I am well convinced that an insurrection does actually

exist and upon the urgent solicitations of Citizens of both

counties and also upon the petition of Citizens of the adjoining

counties I have deemed it my duty to order out an armed

force to put down such insurrection and to assist the

Civil officers in the execution of the laws also to prevent

as far as possible the effusion of blood and to restore

quiet if possible to the community this I have done by the

advice of the Judge of this Circuit       I have ordered

four companies of fifty men each from the militia

of Clay County and a like number from the militia

of Ray County       I have also ordered four hundred

men in addition to hold themselves in Readiness

if required the troops ordered out are mounted Riflemen

with the exception of one company of infantry who

are also mounted those troops will proceed

immediately to the scene of excitement and

insurrection    The Citizens of Daviess County and

of Caldwell County are under arms so that it is

deemed dangerous for peaceable citizens to pass

through said Counties   Citizens of other counties are flocking in to the Citizens

of Daviess County and the Mormons are flocking

to the assistance of the Mormons in those counties so

that from the best Information I can attain there

cannot be less than two thousand men in arms

without any legal authority or [pretext] whatever, and

it is very much feared that if a blow is once struck

there will be a general conflict the termination

of which God only Knows—so soon as I arrive at

the scene of insurrection or excitement, I will report

to you forthwith by express—

            I would have been more explicit but you have been

informed of the particulars by Judge King.  I will

await your orders

                                    I have the Honor to be your [most]

                                                Obdt Servt

P.S.  I have also required the servises of Col Wiley

C Williams, your aid, and much is expected

from his influence & efficiency