Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Report of the Joint Committee to examine the documents in relation to the Mormon Disturbances ]
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                                                            City of Jefferson Mo. Feby. 17. 1841

            The Joint Committee of the General Assembly

appointed to examine the documents, orders, evi-

-dence and correspondence in the office of

the secretary of state, in relation to the causes,

-origen, history and termination of the Mormon

disturbances, have done so and are of opinion

that all such documents ought to be published

under the resolution of the general Assembly,

without suppressing any past thereof.

            These documents would consist of the follow-

-ing parts.

            1. The entire evidence taken before Judge

King sitting as an examing Court, together

with the written statement (or sentence) of

Judge King appended thereto.

            2. All communications to the Governor from

Public meetings, or from citizens complain-

-ing of the conduct of the Mormons & asking

for military aid

            3. All [“complaints &” crossed out] communications to the Governor from the mormons complaining

of the conduct of the citizens of the country

and asking for protection.

            4. All the military orders of the Command-

-er in chief & other military officers &

the correspondence in relation to the mili-

-tary operations against the Mormons.

            5. The Report of General Clarke with

the documents accompanying the same

and all the letters on file from Messrs

Ryland, King, Ashby, Rees, Bogart

& other citizens of this state.

            6. All papers in relation to the armed or

other property taken from the mormons

            7. All papers on file in relation to the

indictment, escape & demand for the

surrender of the mormon leaders.

The indictments need not be copied –

            8. The resolution to raise a Joint Committee at the

former session of the General Assembly, the re-

-port of that committee, the resolutions adopeted

 directing a bill to be reported, to provide for

the investigation of the mormon disturbances

a copy of that bill, the fact of its passage

by the senate and its final rejection by the House of Representatives.

            9. It is also the opinion that the secretary of state

should procure from the Clerks of the Circuit Courts of Ray, Caldwell [“and” crossed out], Daviess, & Boone, [“against any further mormon & procure from such clerks” crossed out] a general certificate as to who

of the mormons were indicted, for what crimes

and what was the final disposition of such

indictments, whether they were disposed of by

trial, or dismissal, or whether in any case

a trial was prevented by the escape of the prisoner or the forfeiture of his recognizance,

or from any other cause, And the information

thus obtained should be published.

            The Committee believe that the whole amount of matter

to be published should be arranged by the secre-

-tary of state in the manner that he in his