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Missouri State Archives
Confederate Women and Military Justice in St. Louis

Presented by:
Thomas Curran

Publish Date:
March 24, 2011

Presentation Length:
34 minutes 34 seconds (34:34)

During the Civil War, more than 360 women accused of disloyalty passed through the office of the St. Louis Union Provost Marshal for their part in assisting the Confederate war effort. The women spied, smuggled contraband, passed mail to the South, and exhibited their support for the Confederacy in other ways. Many of them were confined to various military prisons in the region, some for several months. The women imprisoned in the St. Louis area came primarily from Missouri, as well as the rebellious states along the Mississippi River. In many cases, these women proudly admitted their Confederate loyalty and showed no remorse for the actions that led to their imprisonment. Thomas Curran investigates the activities engaged in by Southern women during the Civil War and the contributions they made to the Confederate cause.

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