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Missouri State Archives
Reflections on the Kansas City Riot of 1968

Presented by:
Reverend David K. Fly

Publish Date:
November 16, 2006

Presentation Length:
58 minutes 31 seconds (58:31)

The Reverend David K. Fly was ordained to the Episcopal priesthood in 1966 and began his ministry as Canon Pastor of Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Kansas City, Missouri. Fly served in urban , rural and campus ministries throughout the Midwest, and since his retirement in 1998, has been writing about his experiences. Fly's article, "An Episcopal Priest's Reflections of the Kansas City Riot of 1968," was recently published in January 2006 Missouri Historical Review, and this work is the topic of his presentation. He has also completed a full memoir, Faces of Faith-Reflections in a Rearview Mirror.

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