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Stephensophia, the yearbook of Stephens College, chronicles the rich history of a women's institution in mid-Missouri. This collection contains the digital images of the Stephensophia beginning in 1900 and continuing until 1940. Through the use of photographs and essays, the yearbooks tell the story of Stephens College as it has evolved to meet the changing needs of women through the decades. The Stephensophia provides a glimpse into women's lives beyond the college, describing such monumental events as women gaining the right to vote and the shift in women's roles during World War I.

Founded in 1833, Stephens College is the second-oldest women's college in the country and the first institution of higher education in Columbia, Mo. It began as the Columbia Female Academy, changed to the Columbia Baptist Female College in 1856, and finally became Stephens College in 1870 in honor of an endowment from James L. Stephens. The first students studied voice, English grammar and moral philosophy in a church building. As the college grew and developed a prestigious national reputation, a focus on research encouraged the development of a cutting-edge curriculum. By the 1940s, aviation was added as World War II raged on and in the 1970s a women's studies program was added. Today Stephens offers graduate programs in business and education as well as an array of innovative and experiential programs at the undergraduate level.

The Collection

The Stephensophia Collection is currently housed at the Stephens College Archives. This digital collection consists of 58 volumes from the years 1900-1965.

Rights and Reproductions

All digital images are under the copyright of Stephens College. For inquiries about rights or making reproductions, please contact the Stephens College Office of Marketing and Public Relations at (573) 876-7111.

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This Stephensophia Collection consists of scanned pages of yearbooks. They are best viewed by browsing the collection or searching for specific names or keywords using the search feature below.

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