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Sprague Funeral Home Ledgers

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Sprague Funeral Home Ledgers


The Sprague Funeral Home operated in Palmyra, Missouri, from 1922-1974. Located on Main Street, it served Palmyra and the surrounding area. Miller Sprague was the original owner of the funeral home and the business continued with his son Eugene Sprague. The name was changed to Sprague & Huff Funeral Home when Dean Huff became a partner. After the partnership was dissolved it again became the Sprague Funeral Home. The ledgers maintained by the funeral home provide a wealth of information for genealogists and complement the Missouri Death Records available through Missouri Digital Heritage.

The Collection

The three ledgers date from January 1922 to May 1938; December 1942 to November 1956; and from November 1956 to February 1974. Funeral record entries include the name, address, race, and occupation of the deceased; place and date of birth; cause, place, and date of death; date and place of funeral; names and places of birth of father and mother; and information about funeral arrangements. Also included in each ledger is introductory text for undertakers and an index.

Rights and Reproductions

Contact Marion County Library Subdistrict #1, Palmyra, MO, for permission to use these materials. Phone 573-769-2830 or email Peggy Northcraft at pnorth@marioncounty1.lib.mo.us.

How to Use This Collection

Each ledger page is presented individually in order to enable browsing and searching by last name; original volume and page number are included in page information. With the exception of the index and introductory pages, funeral records are alphabetical by last name of the deceased.

Additional Resources

Missouri Death Certificate Database: http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/resources/deathcertificates/

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