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Riches from the Earth: Geological and Industrial Heritage of Jasper County, 1865-1965

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Riches From the Earth


Riches from the Earth provides a basic introduction to the geological and industrial heritage of the Tri-State Mineral District. This district encompasses southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma and was one of the United States' richest mineral districts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is a collaborative project by the Joplin Museum Complex, the Spiva Library Archives and Special Collections at Missouri Southern State University, the Powers Museum, and the State Historical Society of Missouri-Rolla at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

The Collection

This collection is devoted to Jasper County, Missouri, the heart of the Tri-State Mineral District. Selected images are a sample of the materials held by the institutions involved in this project. For information on other specific mining and quarrying holdings and related subjects, please consult the partner websites listed below.

How to Use This Collection

The Riches from the Earth project contains photographs, postcards, printed documents and selected text articles. Town designations were taken from identifications on the photographs. Some mines may be listed in one photograph as being in one location and in another photograph as being in another location. These differences occur in the case of mines situated between two towns or of mines that are part of a larger corporate holding (especially if no number designation was associated with the mine name). Also, during the corporate tenure of larger mining companies, company names may have changed but the names found on the original photographs have been used as the preferred name.

A secondary website devoted to related subject links, full project bibliography, curriculum aids and other miscellaneous materials can be found at http://powersmuseum.com/exhibits/riches-from-the-earth/riches-content.html.

Rights and Reproductions

Any use of the images found in this collection should be credited as "From the Riches from the Earth/MDHI Collection, contributing institution." The contributing institution will be listed in the information accompanying each of the photographs or documents. For the full project copyright statement, see: http://powersmuseum.com/exhibits/riches-from-the-earth/riches-from-the-earth-copyright.html.

For general inquiries concerning this collection or the related websites, contact "Riches from the Earth" Project Director by email at powersmuseum@att.net or phone at 417-237-0456. Please note that questions about individual items within this collection should be directed to the contributing institution that owns the particular item, not to the Project Director.

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