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Lincoln University
Lincoln University Yearbooks (1915-1975)

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Lincoln University Yearbook


Lincoln University, a historically black college in Jefferson City, Mo., was founded in 1866 by the men of the 62nd and 65th United States Colored Infantries and their white officers, for the special benefit of freed African-Americans. The school was originally named the Lincoln Institute, and at its founding the curriculum focused on the combination of study and labor. In 1869, the Lincoln Institute moved to the present campus, and in 1870 it began to receive aid from the state of Missouri for teacher training. College-level work was added to the curriculum in 1877, and passage of the Normal School Law permitted Lincoln graduates to teach for life in Missouri without further examination. In 1879, Lincoln Institute formally became a state institution, and in 1890, it became a land grant institution. In 1921, the school’s name changed to Lincoln University. After the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954, Lincoln University opened its doors to applicants of all races. Today Lincoln University serves a diverse clientele, both residential and non-residential; engages in a variety of research projects; and offers numerous public service programs in addition to providing an array of academic programs.

The Collection

The Lincoln University yearbook was titled Secunda Lux Seniorum in 1915, The Quill from 1924-1930, the Collegian in 1936, and Archives from 1937 onward. Publication of the yearbook was suspended from 1943-1948 due to World War II and the budget cuts caused by the conflict. Yearbooks in this collection include the 1915 edition, 1924–1930 and 1936–1975. Volumes from 1976 onward can be found at the Lincoln University Library Archives.

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All digital images are under the copyright of Lincoln University. For inquiries about rights, or to request materials found in this collection, please use the contact information for the owning institution at http://www.lincolnu.edu/web/library/archives.

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