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Historic Postcards of Jefferson City

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Historic Postcards of Jefferson City
Source: Missouri State Archives


Jefferson City, named in honor of the third U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, became the capital of Missouri in 1821. It is situated on the Missouri River in Central Missouri, and in 2010 had a population of 43,079. It is also the county seat of Cole County. As the center of state government, Jefferson City is home to many government buildings including the Missouri State Capitol (built 1917), the Governor’s Mansion (built 1871) and the Missouri State Penitentiary (built 1836). The State Penitentiary, once the oldest prison west of the Mississippi, today is a popular tourist attraction. Jefferson City is also home to Lincoln University, a historically black university founded by veterans of the 62nd and 65th U.S. Colored Infantry after the Civil War.

The Collection

This collection contains 298 postcards of Jefferson City, Missouri that date from 1898-1960. Images include government buildings, street scenes, stores, banks, courthouses, schools and colleges, and residences. The postcards were selected from two collections housed at the Missouri State Archives: The Dr. Arnold G. Parks Postcard Collection, 1905-2006 and the Alice Fast Postcard Collection, 1906-1950. Postcard collecting, or deltiology, is ranked as one of the most popular hobbies in the United States, just behind coin and stamp collecting. Picture postcards came into vogue in the United States around the time of the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Printed picture cards are often artist renditions of a scene, and are recognized by distinct pixilation when examined closely. Real photo postcards, on the other hand, use a photographic process to print the image directly to photographic paper. Smooth transitions between tones are evident with a magnifying glass, rather than the dot effect of a printed card. Some will also have a silver sheen in the darker areas when viewed at an angle due to the silver used in photographic processes.

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