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Ellinor Dale Runcie Collection


Ellinor Dale Runcie (1871-1935) was the only daughter of Constance Fauntleroy and Reverend James Runcie. Constance Fauntleroy Runcie was the founder of the oldest existing womenís social club, The Runcie Club, located in St. Joseph, MO. Ellinor was a prolific writer like her mother.

Very little information is available on Ellinorís life. She attended boarding school on the East Coast as a girl and loved to spend time in San Francisco with her aunt. She also became a world traveler, following in her motherís footsteps. Miss Runcie eventually taught at the Barstow School for Girls in Kansas City, MO and later taught at the Miss Westís School for Girls in St. Joseph, MO. She was an active member of her motherís club, The Runcie Club, continuing the clubís legacy after her motherís death in 1911.

The Collection

The collection includes letters, poems and short stories written by Ellinor Dale Runcie. As the great-granddaughter of Utopian Socialist and philanthropist, Robert Owen, Ellinorís writings reflected her strong religious beliefs. Her writings also serve as an example of a young Midwestern girlís life in the late 1800ís and document her experiences traveling the world.

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Additional Resources

The various works of Counstance Fauntleroy Runcie are a separate collection in Missouri Digital Heritage.

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