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Domino Danzero
Caricature of Domino Danzero on horseback, ca 1900


Domino Danzero was born January 13, 1871, in a small town near Turin, Italy, to Giacomo and Angela Danzero. Upon immigrating to the United States at the age of 19, he held a variety of jobs before becoming a chef for the Harvey House restaurant chain, associated with the St. Louis & San Francisco (“Frisco”) Railroad Company. Domino’s position as chef and later as restaurant supervisor allowed him to utilize his photography skills, as he documented the communities and landscape along the Frisco line. From about 1900-1908, Danzero travelled between St. Louis and Galveston, Texas. He had special permission from Harvey House management to stop trains in order to photograph the local area. Domino met Bridget Roetto from Monett, Mo., while working for the Harvey House. They married in August of 1902 and made their home in Rogers, Ark. Bridget became his trusted business associate and helped manage the various businesses Domino founded throughout their 50-year marriage. They had two daughters; Angelina, born in 1903, and Leola, born in 1907. The family settled in Springfield, Mo., in 1907.

Domino’s love for photography is evident in the many pictures represented in this collection. Some of the earliest images date between 1891 and 1895. He used an Al-Vista Camera #4-B produced by Multiscope and Film Company for most of the early panoramic photographs. The majority of images in this collection are black and white, although there are several hand-colored photos. The Danzeros were a social family, as shown by the many photos of them with relatives and friends. Additionally, Domino’s photography documents his different careers and travel adventures, as well as the communities where he lived. Domino Danzero died on December 18th, 1952.

The Collection

The Domino Danzero Family Photograph Collection consists of 1056 images. It is part of a collaborative effort between the Missouri State Archives, which digitized the Missouri and Ozarks images for the Missouri Digital Heritage Initiative, and the Missouri State University’s Special Collections and Archives Department, which houses the entire collection. The collection was donated by Domino Danzero’s granddaughter, Nancy Brown Dornan.

Rights and Reproductions

Any use of the images found in this collection should credit the Domino Danzero Family Photograph Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Missouri State University, Springfield Missouri. To order a reproduction from the archival TIFF file, or to inquire about permissions, contact Special Collections, Missouri State University at: (417) 836-5428 or email Archives@MissouriState.edu.

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This collection may be browsed in its entirety or it may be searched by title, subject, photographer/studio, description, coverage (location) or date. Some categories of interest include the Harvey House, “The Frisco”, Family Portraits, Picnics, Parades/Processions, and Johnboats.

Additional Resources

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