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Missouri Board on Geographic Names

The history and culture of Missouri is reflected in its place names. Citizens require an authoritative judgment about names in their public records and in their publication on maps. The Missouri Board on Geographic Names serves as the responsible board to coordinate place-naming activity between local, state, and federal agencies. The Board governs appropriate procedures for naming and renaming geographic features within the State of Missouri; provides uniformity in geographic nomenclature throughout the state; and retains the expressed historic and cultural significance of such names associated with Missouri's geography.

The State Archives contributes support to the Board as does the State Historical Society of Missouri; the State Spatial Data Center; and the departments of Conservation, Natural Resources, and Highway and Transportation. Federal agencies contributing include the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Forest Service, and Geological Survey. Members also come from several colleges and universities within the state and several at-large citizens. All members serve without compensation for time and expenses.

The United States Board on Geographic names can be found at

The Board convenes its next public meeting at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 21st, 2013, Missouri Secretary of State's office, Jefferson City, MO.

Meeting Minutes


Jason Kander
Missouri Secretary of State
(573) 751-4936

John Dougan
Missouri State Archives
(573) 751-4236
Chairman Designee

Christopher J. Barnett
University of Missouri - Columbia
(573) 882-8541

Jane A. Messenger
Corresponding Secretary
US Geological Survey
(573) 308-3803
Corresponding Secretary

Henry Sweets
Mark Twain Home Foundation
(573) 221-9010 ext. 405
Executive Committee Member-At-Large

Suzy Wolfe
Missouri State Archives
(573) 751-4236
Executive Secretary

Joe Carter
Missouri Department of Transportation
(573) 526-8051

Gary Claspill
Office of Administration
(573) 751-1851

John Fisher
Freelance Writer
(573) 888-3620

Alan Foreman
St. Louis District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
(314) 331-8114

Ray Fox
US Geological Survey
(573) 308-3744

Dr. Debra F. Greene
Lincoln University
(573) 681-5231

Dr. Gary R. Kremer
State Historical Society of Missouri
(573) 882-7083

Gordon McCann
Ozark Folklorist
(417) 869-9312

Amy Moorman
Missouri State Archives
(573) 526-3965

Lynn Morrow
Retired / Missouri State Archives
(573) 636-6041

Dr. Frank Nickell
Center for Regional History and 
Cultural Heritage
(573) 651-2833

Darrell Pratte
MO Dept. of Natural Resources
(573) 368-2302

Tony Spicci
Missouri Department of Conservation
(573) 882-9909

Jay Turner
Mark Twain National Forest-Salem Ranger District
(573) 729-6656

Jerry Vineyard
Assistant State Geologist (Ret.)
L.A.D. Foundation Board of Director’s
(417) 582-0063

Dwight Weaver
Lake of the Ozarks Historian
(573) 365-1171

Missouri Board on Geographic Names documents are available on this website in the .pdf format. In order to view or print them, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader, click on the icon below.

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