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Fiscal/Human Resources

The Fiscal/Human Resources section supports the secretary of state's office in matters involving budgets and funding, payments to vendors, contracts established by the office, staff payroll processing, employee benefits, training, performance evaluation and personnel recruitment. The section also provides mailroom, shipping and receiving support. Information may be obtained from the section by written request, by telephone at (573)522-3246, through the Internet at, by fax at (573) 522-6289 or in person in Room 337, James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center, 600 West Main, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

Information Technology (IT)

The Information Technology Division coordinates the development and implementation of a comprehensive information strategy plan to ensure the efficient and effective use of technology throughout the secretary of state's office. Plans are being implemented to automate most functions of the office, with the goal of providing citizens fast and convenient access to the information compiled by the secretary of state's office. This division is also responsible for developing the office's World Wide Web site to make as much information as possible available through the Internet.


The Publications Division handles a variety of printing and graphic arts responsibilities for the secretary of state’s office.

By law, the secretary of state is authorized to publish the Official Manual of the State of Missouri. Chapter 11 of the Missouri Revised Statutes governs the production, content and distribution of the Manual; these requirements are carried out by the Publications Division. The division compiles information and photographs from every area of state government, edits the material and compiles it in finished form. The Official Manual is produced biennially in odd-numbered years.

Division staff prepare other publications of the secretary of state. These in-house productions have included: Securities Laws; Corporation Laws; Uniform Commercial Code Handbook; Election Laws; election results; forms; newsletters; the General Assembly Roster and Missouri Roster, a listing of the state, district and county officers.

The staff performs in-house typesetting, proofing, editing, paste-up, design, filing and correspondence in regard to various printing projects. The actual printing and binding of finished projects is performed by outside sources, either the State Printing Center or through successful bidders.

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