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2009-2010 Official Manual

2009-2010 Official Manual

For more than 100 years, Missouri has published the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, commonly known as the “Blue Book.” The “Blue Book” provides detailed information on local, state and federal governments, as well as stories, essays and pictures that help preserve our state’s heritage.

This year’s edition of the “Blue Book” honors the members of the Missouri National Guard and their long history of service to our state and our nation.

View the “Blue Book” Online

The “Blue Book” can be viewed online. This page allows you to view each chapter individually and search within the book. To view the 2009-2010 “Blue Book” online please visit:

Explore historic “Blue Books”

image showing the capitol complex and surrounding grounds
Image showing the capitol complex
and surrounding grounds from the air. Courtesy of the Missouri State Archives.

For the first time, Missourians are now able to view historic “Blue Books” online. This collection includes the earliest Official Manuals published and allows users to search through the pages of Missouri history: Historic Blue Book Collection.

This collection of historic “Blue Books” is part of the Missouri Digital Heritage, a collaboration between the Missouri State Archives, the Missouri State Library and the Missouri State Historical Society. This collection is just one of hundreds available on the Missouri Digital Heritage website at


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