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Providing Services to Institutions

Here at Wolfner Library, we understand that providing activities for residents of nursing homes and visitors to senior centers is a fulfilling, yet time-consuming job. The same is true for activity directors and administrators of other institutions serving individuals with disabilities ranging from blindness to severe physical disabilities. This is why we offer institutions a number of ways to utilize Wolfner Library services and are consistently working to create and provide interesting, energizing activities.

To be eligible for Wolfner Library services, which include lending braille books and books on tape, an institution must serve individuals who are eligible for services. Institutions may provide Wolfner Library services in one of three ways: as a referral agent, providing demonstration services, or checking out books and equipment on behalf of individuals. To act as a referral agent, we ask organizations to stock Wolfner Library brochures and individual applications for their visitors. Merely fill out the order form for materials or call Wolfner Library. As a referral agent, you may also use materials to present a Wolfner Library display. Click here to see a temporary display of Wolfner materials.

To check out materials and equipment for either demonstration or circulation purposes, please fill out the application for institutions. Once your application is returned to Wolfner Library, the Reader Advisor for Institutions will contact you to discuss service options. To demonstrate Wolfner’s talking book program, institutions can check out one cassette player and a few books on tape. Individual applications can be kept on hand and filled out for people interested in receiving Wolfner services. The professional demonstrating the books on tape can certify the applications (except in cases of reading disabilities, which must be certified by a medical doctor). This option works especially well for optometrists’ offices, skilled nursing units in hospitals, and other places eligible individuals visit.

Institutions may also decide to check out books to circulate among individuals. For instance, nursing home residents oftentimes share two cassette players and a number of books that are housed in an activity room. If a resident decides that they would like to have their own Wolfner Library cassette player and books on tape, the activity director can fill out an individual application for them.

If you are looking for more programs of interest to your clients who are blind, visually impaired, or physically impaired, look no further! Wolfner Library also provides access to the following services:

NFB-NEWSLINE®, the newspaper service over the phone.
For instructions to register an institution for NFB-NEWSLINE®, please contact the Public Services Librarian at Wolfner Library at (800) 392-2614.

Bi-Folkal Kits, activity kits used to present various programs.

To help us provide the best service possible, no matter how your institution utilizes Wolfner Library, please read the suggestions for service. If you have questions or comments about Wolfner Library services at any time, please call the Reader Advisor for Institutions at (800) 392-2614.

If you are looking for more programs of interest to your clients who are blind, visually or physically impaired, or reading disabled, look no further!


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