About Investing in Missouri

Dear Fellow Missourian:

Everyone deserves to retire with dignity. In planning your family’s financial future, one of the most important steps you can take is learning to detect potential investment scams and the precautions you can take to avoid becoming a victim.

Many scams are well-known:  bogus charity solicitations, emails seeking bank account numbers or personal information, and fake or invalid gift cards. Caution and vigilance can help protect you from these costly tricks. Before making any decision involving your hard-earned savings, it’s wise to slow down and take additional time to investigate the facts.

While the vast majority of financial professionals put their clients’ needs first, there are some people — either in the business or pretending to be — that prey on the trust of unsuspecting Missourians. To protect you from becoming a victim of financial fraud, my office uses the full extent of the law to go after these individuals and prosecute anyone who harms Missourians’ financial security.

I encourage you to use the tips included here to protect yourself and your loved ones. If we work together, we can try to stop scams before they start.

Before investing, please take a moment and call my office toll free at (800) 721-7996 to inquire about the registration status of the person and/or product you are being offered. If you have even a slight doubt or suspicion regarding an investment opportunity or broker, please call us. Your savings from years of hard work should never be at risk from scam artists out to steal your money.

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