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Official Manual of the State of Missouri - The Blue Book

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Missouri Blue Books


The Official Manual of the State of Missouri, more commonly known as the "Blue Book," is a biennial publication of the Missouri Secretary of State's Office. First published in 1878, the series of volumes serves as a historical resource, providing information about Missouri's government, culture, and history. The older volumes of the State's most widely recognized publication are most often used for statistical, historical, and political research.

The Official Manual came to be known as the "Blue Book" due to the blue cover, a common practice with almanac publications. All but nine editions are bound with blue covers.

The Collection

This collection consists of all official manuals dating from 1878 to 2000. The collection is organized by volume and each available volume has been scanned in its entirety. Some of the original photographs found in editions published in the 1920s through the 1970s are included in the Historic “Blue Book” Photograph Collection.

Rights and Reproductions

Copyright is in the public domain. Please see the citations portion of the Missouri State Archives website for reference citations.

How to Use This Collection

The best way to access these volumes is to browse to the correct year(s) and then browse the table of contents or keyword search within the volume using the search box in the upper left of the viewer. An advanced search across all volumes is also available using the search button below.

Additional Resources

"Blue Books" from 2001 to the present can be found at Secretary of State’s Publications Division – Official Manuals 2001-Present. Photographs submitted for use in the "Blue Books" can be viewed at Historic “Blue Book” Photograph Collection. Additional state publications are available from the Missouri Historical Documents Browser at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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